A Haunted Night in Thornhaven Manor – New Castle, Indiana


Rising above the Big Blue River Valley on seven wild acres of woods, marshland, meadows and even an orchard, Thornhaven Manor is an Indiana treasure.   


Built in the classic Italianate style around 1845, this foreboding home was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Indeed, the prominent families who lived here were pillars of the community. Some were Civil War soldiers, one dying in battle defending the North. Others died due to illness. Then there was the fiendish murder conspiracy perpetrated by Frank Thurman that resulted in the death of Reuben Bailey. 

Surviving through our turbulent American history and now saved from the wrecking ball.  

Thornhaven Manor is a curious haunt located in New Castle featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. 


A few areas that have reported activity were inaccessible due to structural repairs being done.


This doll is a deal breaker in my book.


Main staircase


Children’s room



Servant’s quarters
Servants’ stairs

Investigators:Emyl Ogilville, Damon Megerle, Jason Ammerman, Mike Culwell of PATH (Paranormal And Truth Hunters), Evel Ogilville, & Gene Caswell of Jefferson County Paranormal  

Just a note about the video:

Personally, the most curious part of the video is the Xcam SLS footage. I’ve written before on the Xcam and how you must use a healthy dose of skepticism when using. You can have loads of false positives with this device. When it maps out a humanoid figure, one way I test it for false matrixing is by slightly moving the camera. Typically when I do that, the false positives disappear instantly. At least twice in the video I move the camera and the “stick” spirit doesn’t vanish. Once, one of the figures intelligently responds to my request to raise its hand. The right arm went up, ever so briefly. I apologize that it’s hard to see, I accidentally wiped the files on my Xcam, and if I hadn’t been live streaming on Periscope, the footage would’ve been lost forever.

–Evel Ogilville


  1. Me and a couple of friends are wanting to do an overnight session in thornhaven manor and we are now 2 days into summer break and we are wanting to get in contact with you for consent to get into this house and stay 24 hours in this house, not only contact you but but contact the dead. If you know the person who owns it to give me their number or email so we can talk through some ideas for this to happen I’d be very happy

    Thank you!
    -Spencer Maxwell

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  2. anyone know if their facebook page is still active? wanting to do an interview with the people who own the estate and get some stories and possibly get a to go into the manor.


  3. Now that there are security cameras everywhere we didn’t go up, we stayed at the end of the drive way and I got on my spirit box to talk and listen, a girl named Sandy in her 30s talked to us and said she needed help that to dig we asked where and she said deep beneath the floor, we asked why and she had said it was her son and we asked what happened and that a family member killed him and no one help and no one found him but he’s deep buried under the house supposedly… she said that her son is the only reason she’s still here and not freed and because she wants justice, while we were there we saw shadows and the lights were out and all of a Sudden they turned on and then we saw the grass moving like something walking towards us and the chain blocking the drive started to shake then when it got to us my car started to be rocked and shook and beat on, my dog was going nuts so we know it wasn’t Sandy, then cold chills started happening and so we were respectful of the spirits there either trapped and wanting free or staying to do harm.


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