A Haunted Night Down On Revenant Acres Farm – Charlottesville, Indiana

This old 30-acre farm in Charlottesville, Indiana has a lengthy history of owners dating back to the 1800’s. Although not much history is known about the location, previous residents and paranormal investigators have had claims of hauntings — mostly of the intelligent type.

July 12th, 2015 I had the pleasure of investigating Revenant Acres with PATH (Paranormal and Truth Hunters). The footage in the video I personally recorded. I never claim to capture irrefutable evidence of the afterlife, but if you have a curious mind, I hope you find what I share to be intriguing.

Just a brief synopsis of the location: The gentlemen who manage the location are extremely friendly and accommodating. The setting is pretty. The house is small but holds a large creep-factor. I think the location’s size would be perfect for 2 – 4 investigators tops, unless you utilized the fire pit out back and rotated shifts. If I was gonna point out a drawback to Revenant, it’d be the road noise. State Hwy 40 is extremely busy. But as long as you’re mindful of it, and tag your audio accordingly, it’s not insurmountable.

Is it haunted? The guys who run the property are digging their way through the deeds from the beginning in order to learn more of the history of this house and the people who owned it. Anything that is of historic or factual interest to the paranormal community, they certainly pass on. Without any known nefarious history, it’s hard to hang your haunted hat on any specific tales on the farm. That being said, it seems if you turn the light on so to speak, you can draw in unexplained phenomena anywhere you have that intention.

So is Revenant Acres haunted by its past or by the paranormal groups with set intentions of communicating with spirits? That is part of the mystery, and a great reason why I look forward to visiting this spooky farm again.

Some thoughts on my video:

Once again we revisit the Xcam SLS. Essentially, the Xcam SLS system uses Kinect technology in an attempt to detect figures in its field of vision that are both visible and invisible to the human eye, like ghosts. The figures that appear on the Xcam tablet screen (human or ghostly) are nothing more than basic humanoid stick figures. Everything looks creepy especially since nearly everything on the screen is in grainy grayscale except for occasional pops of red, blue, or green that signal the presence of an “anomaly.” (By the way, red is an object closest to the unit, followed by green, and then blue.) Not only is there a video screen, but the Xcam’s software also graphs audio, distance, and temperature over the course of an investigation.

After using this particular piece of tech over time, I’ve came to hate it as much as I love it. It has several limitations. Everything from it needing a babysitter because of the 10-minute-only recording intervals, to the false matrixing of humanoid figures on anything that stands upright, and the sensitivity to the microphone when you’re speaking next to the device, there is a huge learning curve. But all things considered, I haven’t given up on this piece of tech.

But I have learned that if you don’t walk around with this device and put it on a tripod, it gives the Xcam a chance to lock in which seems to eliminate the false-positives. This has given me a renewed sense of excitement for the potential of this camera. After all, when it comes to paranormal tools, potential is the best we have. Nothing of what we bring into the paranormal arena is provable as paranormal (Xcam, EchoVox, Ouija, etc….); all we have are our theories and ideas to experiment with. Until we see an experiment that is repeatable, and in a controlled environment, I encourage all researchers to stay open to and openly test all theories. Every statement in our realm is questionable, and as for supporting evidence, NO ONE HAS PROVEN A PARANORMAL THEORY YET. All we have is theory, trial and failure to try to explain the unexplainable.

So to get to my video and point. While filming upstairs, my Xcam on a tripod, when the stick figure slumped over — I was really blown away. I’ve never seen that happen before. Ever. No idea why or what it meant. Like most events that happen during an investigation — especially when dealing with a gizmo such as the Xcam, I generally want some sort of collaborative backup evidence. And even though the Visual Energy Detector Rod seemed to be lighting up in response to our questions, a good ol’ fashioned EVP during those moments would’ve added light years (in my noggin) to qualify the experience. Still a very compelling capture.

Thank you for reading.

–Evel Ogilville

Special thanks to Craig Smith of SOUP for some clarity & focus.

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