The Darkness of Sedamsville Rectory – Cincinnati, Ohio 

Sedamsville Rectory, as it is now known, was, in fact, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Rectory. It was the residence of the many pastors who served that parish for over 100 years. Those priests have ranged from Fr. Donald MacLeod, a world-renowned author, to Fr. John Berning, an admitted child molester. Between these two extremes were many other pastors, the majority whose names have been lost to history. The old rectory, regardless of what name you call it, has been a location of reported paranormal activity.

Haunted? The former home to such holy men? Located next to a Catholic Church? Hardly the place one would expect such things. But then again maybe some of the fathers are still watching over their flocks? Between the tragic death of MacLeod, to the altar boys who were molested there, when the church was closed down and all items that make a Catholic Church a Catholic Church were removed — perhaps something sinister couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reside in a place God once called home? After the church and rectory were closed, the rectory became a site for dog fighting.

Could the darkness brought about by such horrid events have left a spiritual scar on this location? The void brought about by the unknown has certainly been filled by legend, tales, and speculation but, just maybe within them lies clues that will help us find the shrouded truth of the Sedamsville Rectory.

About the video and usual rants…….

If you’ve read my previous articles you know that I’m adamant on the fact that NO ONE HAS PROVEN ANYTHING PARANORMAL. I don’t even believe ANYONE has captured ANY evidence that proves ANY paranormal theory. Shocked? Pissed off? Great, because it’s truth. So if you’re some smug brainiac know-it-all ghost hunter (which I hope you’re not), this might be a new concept for you. Because at best, collecting and gathering our stories, personal experiences, and some compelling data that support the concept of the paranormal is all we really have. Put out your best piece of concrete evidence you’ve captured and you’ll find millions of folks that’ll think you’re insane.  After all, no methodology or fancy gizmo (Xcam, pendulums, EchoVox, Ouija, a recorded EVP, etc….) that we bring with us can deliver conclusive proof.

All we think we know is what we’ve been told, read, or watched on TV. Think about that for a second — you know that the sky blue and the grass is green. How? Because someone told you. Just like you know that three knocks or three scratch marks are the mocking of the Holy Trinity. Right?  Or wrong? What if the moment you know, you’ve shut down the possibilities of universal truth that cannot be attained with your programming, because when you know, you close a door?

So what does this all mean? To be fair, I’m not calling everyone who has a preconceived filter set in their mind by their theological dogma or by what they watched on the latest episode of The Demon Files a complete moron. I’m friends with those people! By approaching your research being clear — I’m certainly not suggesting being gullible, or to proceed without discernment and process — it means if someone tells you a Ouija board is evil, or that ITC devices are all broken radio pareidolia-machines, or 3am is the magic hour of power for demons (if you believe they exist), they’re already closed off and undoubtedly create a wall impeding the possibilities of paranormal research. See what I mean? Think for yourself. This is part of your personal growth. Regardless of what you’ve seen on TV, your paranormal journey doesn’t have to be a team sport — or a cult. All we have are potentials to experiment with. As many others have stated, until we see an experiment that is repeatable, and in a controlled environment, there is no proof of the afterlife — no matter what you believe to be evidence. As of now, all we have is trial and failure to try to explain the unexplainable. Then, the moment when you do get engaged from something beyond the veil, who are we really talking to? Ghosts of the deceased (my personal wish!)? Beings from another dimension? The past? The future? We don’t know. I encourage all researchers/investigators to stay open to and openly experiment and test all theories and tools.

[Note the dog scratches]

My biggest gripe from my night at Sedamsville is that no straight-up EVPs were recorded. If it wasn’t for the personal experiences, and the audible knocking and footsteps all around us — the ITC responses, and the Xcam capture would not have been all that impressive to me.  But everything together made it a remarkable investigation. Corroborative data is what I call it.

One day I hope we find the correct combination to unlock the answers we all seek. Until then, stay open with your technique and keep trying. The potential of the unknown is exciting.

–Evel Ogilville 

Special thanks to Mike Culwell for helping contribute to this entry. 


  1. I went to school there in the 70s. I remember being able to come to the rectory for Easter egg hunts. It was a wonderful place then. I loved our Priest.

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  2. Try taking a powerful medium with you next time. You may be very surprised at the results. It’s very annoying to watch all of these ghost shows and paranormal investigators and none of them have any psychic mediums with them. Technology just shows that spiritual or residual energy is present. Is there a reason for leaving out the psychic link? Maybe they would be debunked to quickly?


    1. I personally don’t totally discount mediums. And there are several shows that do utilize them as well. Debunking is a two way street though. “Psychic” information without validation holds just as much water as a K2 meter blip. None.


  3. God still continues to watch over this place, so it really doesn’t matter what people say about it. Our Lady of Perpetual Help did so many good things in its day, this is what we need to remember and stay focused on.


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