The Floyd County Asylum [The Haunted Poor Farm] – New Albany, Indiana 


Few early records can be found that detail the beginnings of the community poorhouse. But almost since its inception, the county, through its residents, had set aside money to be used to help the indigent. The farm began in 1838 as a lone log cabin. In 1875, a bigger structure was constructed with additions added in 1878. Fire caused by an ignited flue during a storm destroyed a significant portion of the complex in 1916, with the current standing building being built shortly thereafter.

Called many names through the ages, including the County Poor Asylum and the Floyd County Home for Aged, the grounds around the home have served as a burial ground for many of its poor inhabitants. Evidence based on ground contour shows that at least two separate graveyards may have existed specifically for the institution, including that of the marked Potter’s Field.

Despite a 2008 vote by the county to tear it down and construct a new youth shelter in its place, no definitive plans have been made on the Poor Farm’s fate. In 2012, the shelter was moved to a different facility and, ironically, a poor economy has delayed the razing of the decrepit historic building.

Our Investigation 

On December 6th, 2015, with the help of Mike Culwell, I gained access to the Poor Farm’s building and surrounding grounds. Mike and I had spoken beforehand that we weren’t planning on taking a standard approach with our investigative technique. Ya’ll know it — sitting still, listening for mouse farts, doing standard EVP sessions and all — The Ghost Hunters approach.  I really wanted to focus on Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) experiments. I had with me new equipment that I wanted to get familiarized with, and a couple of experiments I wanted to try. So the basic plan was to be brief, make it an early night (we left at midnight), play around with my new gear, check out the Potter’s Field Cemetery, and just be open to whatever happened.

Maybe I was too open?

One more detail to note. We knew of no haunted folklore associated with the ol’ asylum. Nothing to go on — no known ghost stories or legendary hotspots to concentrate our efforts. Even though Mike had been there a few times before, he couldn’t specify any area more haunted than the rest. So we essentially went in blind.

From early on in the night, the place seemed to be an active location. We didn’t even come close to covering the entire building, but the few places we focused on teemed with what we felt was paranormal phenomena and direct responses to our questions. From having a light inexplicably turn on when I went into a room alone (the switch was in the hallway), to voices coming through EchoVox that seemingly acknowledged that “it” turned the light on, knew Mike had been a police detective, and knew my full name. To out in the Potter’s Field, getting the same number through the Andy’s Box (372) when asking for the number of graves/spirits in the graveyard (only about three actually have markers), and so on. It had been one of the most interesting locations I’d ever visited.

In the moment during an investigation, I always doubt what I’m hearing. I try to find ways to verify responses, and second guess myself constantly. But that night, having my personal full name repeated a number of times was not only a first, but hard for me to deny. I felt like whatever/whomever we were communicating with had zeroed in on me.

I think most investigators always wonder if anything might attach itself to them and follow them home after an investigation. I was more concerned with that earlier in my career, especially when my kids were younger, and whatever repercussions that could entail. But I have found myself not being as concerned with that for sometime now. But the week following my visit to the Poor Farm, I felt off — lacked mental clarity, and felt lethargic. Still it didn’t occur to me that the way I felt would have anything to do with a spirit attachment until I was messing with my Andy’s Box at home, not doing a session, mind you, but just wiping it down and testing the charge of the battery. Almost immediately my full name came through just like at the Poor Farm. I’ve never had that happen before in my home. That was the moment I started wondering and connecting the metaphysical dots.

Included at the end of the video is an EchoVox session recorded at a private residence exactly one week after the Poor Farm. You will very clearly hear the name Otis repeated in the clip. Which unbeknownst to us at that time is the name of the homeowner’s deceased father, and Otis seemed to try and convey that he was a friend or father. But it’s the second personality that came through — one that repeated my name, gave the name Heather (which is a name also given at the poorhouse), and basically admitted that I brought her home from the asylum — that is what completely blew my mind. Plus, she either tried to refute the claims of Otis being the “father,”or maybe she was attempting to clarify that Otis wasn’t her dad. That remains unsolved.

I consulted a friend of mine who is a psychic medium. I sent her a photo of myself to get a read on me. Within minutes she told me that I had the spirit of a young female attached who was simply curious, meant no harm, and probably would go back if I didn’t give her any attention. Regardless of why she was hanging around me, or for how long, this experience has only given me more questions and drive to delve deeper into investigating the paranormal.

Will I go back to the poor farm? Absolutely. Will I check in on Heather and see if she’s back there? You bet. Will I try to find out why she followed me or what she wanted? Definitely. With the data collected from our last visit, there is no doubt in my mind that with the ITC advancements available today we are getting closer than ever before to exchanging info with the other side.

Evel Ogilville

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*History Sources:

“New Albany Bicentennial: Floyd County Poor House” by Amanda Beam


    1. This is my first time seeing this. As a child I grew up at the bottom of the hill from community park. I always walked through the woods to get to the park. I lived on Venetian Way. I also had a boyfriend sort of we were 12 who lived in the (Youth Shelter) that’s what it was called in the 80’s when I was a kid. I can remember things that happened to me when I would head towards how from the Youth Shelter. The later I would stay around the shelter the worse it got. It got to the point that I was terrified to go around there so I would have my boyfriend meet me across the park towards the woods. It got to the point where those things that happened to me close to the shelter started happening to me in the woods. I am 44 years old and I still am to scared to walk through the path I took as a child in the woods to the park and the shelter. The path was called camel humps. Last summer I took my girls to show them the path. I’ve never spoken of anything I ever felt because it scares me. When my girls and I were walking through the same path as I did as a kid, I felt something I don’t know what? But I was instantly taken back to my childhood! I told my daughters we had to leave right then! They didn’t understand why I wanted to leave so abruptly. I just made something up and got out of there as quickly as I could! In a park of the woods there are some graves, I know exactly where they are to this day. I was going to show my girl’s, but the closer I got the more of an uneasy feeling I got. I had to visit the Youth Shelter once as an adult, for the life of me I can’t remember why? However, I do remember my experience and what I heard and felt. I was the only person there! I had went in the wrong part of the building. I come from a strong Indian descent. My fraternal grandfather was full blooded Cherokee. My fraternal grandmother was all most full blooded Cherokee also. I can remember as a child when I would visit my great grandparents with my grandfather (full blooded) Cherokee. My great grandmother would play with my long black hair and she would tell me I had the gift of the spirits. I didn’t understand, I was a child. I just remember my grandfather telling his mother to stop saying that to me. I can remember it like it was yesterday. As I got older I started having dreams, feeling things I didn’t quiet understand. My dreams we coming true to the point I finally started telling anyone who would listen and sure enough it would come true! I am terrified to try to tap into whatever I have because of the dreams coming true. I know that there is truth to what my grandmother had said. It all started when I was going to the Youth Shelter. To this day I can not look over at that building and get cold chills. I am not interested in going there or trying to tap into my (gift) . Like I said it terrifies me. All I know is everything started happening to me after I had been to the Youth Shelter. As I said I have never spoke of this, the only thing I’ve told my loved ones is about my dreams and when I’m somewhere and I know details about the place, yet I’ve never been there. Never until I read this did I ever consider something (spirt) being attached to me. Between that possibility and the (gift) I’m pretty creeper out right now to say the least. There are other places in New Albany that I get the feeling I’m not alone even though I am.. I’m not sure if I should follow you on Facebook or if I should leave my email for you. I feel very conflicted about doing either. Something tells me I should then my fear says I shouldn’t. I am going to leave my email here for you. If I don’t hear from you I completely understand there’s a lot of, shall we say freaks among us!? I’m not sure if I even know anything you’d be interested in. I can just tell you this… I go a lot of places and I can tell most of the time when I’m not alone..

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      1. I notice you viewed my post. Shoot me an email. I may have something here on my property you may be interested in. I can tell you for a fact there’s sprits attached to it. Im willing to share it with you in private. Thanks! Happy hunting.


      2. Hello, my name is Susan and I am currently doing research on this property and the surrounding area. I lived on Jacques Ln 1987 until 1997. So many things happened to me . Now I am on a personal quest to understand it all. Please feel free to contact me. (502)468-6440

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  1. Where is the poor farm located in New Albany? Never heard of it before and I have lived in New Albany almost my whole life.and I’m 35. Love to know.I’m really into hauntings


  2. If this is the place on grantline rd, my grandfather was an orphan there awaiting adoption in the very early 1900’s, his son, my father told me that no one knew who his birth parents were and that this was the only “poor” house around this area at that time; two of my sons spent the night there in the 1990’s after getting into small trouble and this was, then, a juvenile “youth” shelter, this could possibly be an explanation of why my entire life strange events have followed me from place of residence to residence, perhaps a spirit attached itself into members of my family then to me? Until seeing your post, I had never heard of paranormal activity associated with that place, but it all makes sense now


  3. I’m a paranormal enthusiast and former employee of the Annex building (5 years.)

    I had a whole wing of the building to myself for my job. I worked mostly in the day but over the course of 5 years, I did several late night work.

    I can honestly say that nothing of significance ever happen to me. A few disembodied voices, phantom
    smells, and temperature shifts occurred. I even got to spend some time in the basement there. I wouldn’t even say the place was hopping with activity. Maybe some residual at best.


    1. Before the night when we recorded the footage of our video, I went there once a couple of years ago & I would’ve agreed with you on it being more of a residual haunting at best. But after this recent visit, I’ve totally changed my mind. Residual hauntings don’t give intelligent responses, follow people home, or growl at them when they walk into a room.


      1. At one point I would have thought we would’ve had a poltergeist due to the HUGE AMOUNT OF TEEN ANGST, but alas, i was able to pinpoint any suspicions I had.


  4. I lived in that building for 4 years, when it was the floyd county youth shelter. Me and a few friends had stuff happening to us all the time and it was odd. We heard chains in the basement, stuff flying off the shelves, doors open and closing on their own. Sounds and people staring at us.


  5. My father and mother (Alvin & Eva Elda Mason) ran the poor farm when I was young. I would love to talk to you about things that happend there. We lived there for about 10 years off and on. There is 2 rooms I would love you to check. Please e-mail me and I will give you my phone number.

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  6. Me and my roommates are aspiring investigators and are trying to find local spots. If you could refer me to Mike Culwell so that we may conduct our own investigation out would be appreciated.


  7. I grew up in the yellow house behind the fire station. I have many stories to share and some I won’t share at all. I was pre teen up until 24. Stuff no teen should go through. I’m gravely concerned for the new apartments they built.


    1. I stayed in the yellow house a few times as a kid and was always scared. A child that lived there moved refrigerator across the room by herself. There was always shadows in hallway at night. Hated that place.

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  8. My mom used to 3rd shift at the Wal-Mart across the street. Her and other co-workers would see lights turn on and off and she said the place just always had an errie feeling. My best friend and I have went on ghost hunting experiences before with different groups and her and I together usually get the Sprite talking. I have an EVP on my phone of me asking a spirit a question and a younger boy clearly replies “yes ma’am”. We would love to join you on a hunt if that would be possible.

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  9. My daughter stayed there when she she was getting into some trouble. She kept telling me the place was haunted. But because of some trouble she got in she wasn’t allowed to leave. Looks like she knew what she was talking about. Eerie feeling.

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  10. I used to live in New Albany (now living in Clarksville, so still pretty close)) and i have always been interested in investigating haunted buildings and other places, ever since i was 12. I had experiences with ghost many times and it always intrigued me to learn more. Although i do not have the right gear that professionals have, i have always wanted to join an investigation, even just for one time would be a dream come true! I have been watching many documentaries of how to use some of the technical objects (such as EMF’s, Thermal Camera, Spirit box, ect) I may actually want to make my own team of Paranormal Investigators one day. It, as i said, would be a dream come true! Please have a good day! And like i sometimes say, There are things our brain just can’t understand, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Well, anyways have a nice night!

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  11. My dad was the superintend there in the mid 70’s. We lived there for 2 and 1/2 years. The basement was always creepie to me. I never saw or heard anything unusual. Of course I was only 15 when we moved in. I moved out when I turned 18. The rooms in the basement looked like jail cells. There were even a couple of rooms that still had doors that were bars. I would love to go inside and explore again. I hope it never gets torn down during my lifetime.

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  12. I live in High Park Apartments for 2 yrs now …the corner building facing volleyball court. And since day one here we have had several ghosts or residuals show up on my security cams inside and the one on my deck. After 6 mnths it got to where I was seeing things I felt couldnt be 2 lol kids bound and gagged in my living room..toddlers…i have seen a 6ft or taller man in my doorway I refer to as the Predator…i have pics and videos of numerous unexplained “things”… From a girl walking on hands and knees elbows backwards …and once she crawls past my bedroom door. The camera showed her going to 2 feet and forming into something else. My little girl sees them and tells me they are here …but here lately I can see them without the camera..whether they are spirit..apperition..or jus an mass of energy…i saged and cleansed my house one day and went back on security tape to watch and heard an unforgettable scream…which I found on another camera months before hands. We have 100s of videos of orbs overtaking my apartment… One even made it a point to dance in front of my outside cam. Just to make sure i wasnt crazy I would take my pics an videos to my mother and ask her what she sees…..everytime she validates what I see.
    The last 6 mnths has been rough…something darker is here…a psychic told me to get help and surround myself with white light…that something demonic was here…and I have a mirror that shows ” things” … I can say” close my door” ..and my bedroom door will start to move. There are days I feel im going crazy but I dont know what to do…ive seen everything from babies to animals to flipping monkeys….troll looking figures and Indians. But the scariest is in the last week. He shows himself everywhere….my feet and hands feel like ice and he looks just like the one they dont say name on Harry Potter. Lol. Little girls in dresses to teenagers with blindfolds and mouths gagged. I can also hear them talk to me..or they pull my hair…they whisper in my daughter’s ear and she thinks he is friendly but he makes sounds like a snake. I feel he is bad…. I say prayers..i have salted doorways..saged..smudged..prayed more and it didnt stop. So I figured I would talk to them maybe see if I cld help them. Well lets jus say they know my name..matter fact they said my full name ..which is weird cuz I have a middle names… They even know my nickname and they say my ex boyfriends name alot. This last week all they seem to want to say is Ian..Ians uncle..Ians mother first….and one voice talks nasty like sucking abd …well you know. He hisses my daughters name. And when im at a friends..the same voice comes thru saying my kids grandbaby names…. I don’t know whats going on here but I would love to know how to get these out my house. Last week my kid said mom..hes in the car with us…! The bad one…yep. I took a selfie on my bed 5 days ago and when I looked at the pic…all I could do was jump and fly out my room…the mfer was right beside me and he looked as human as I did….. Any help would be appreciated….im on 3rd floor and I can take a pic of my bedroom window and see multiple people in DETAIL. Last night I watched on camera as one of “them” was lifting my grandbabies blanket..moving her arms… And also took a pic of her on the bottom bunk and right beside her was something with arms crossed on chest hanging upside down like a freaking bat….inches away. Just why is it with all these not so normal creatures and animals…7ft Hal skinny woman in dress. Man with dislocated jaw or face like sloth on the goonies.? For 2 weeks had black hooded weird looking dudes everywhere in my house…on multiple videos.. I can’t afford to move and I seriously dont want to go insane here. My mom cant even walk in my house…she is a clairvoyant and she gets hit hard walking in here… I’ve talked to other tenants out here and quite a few of them have had experiences like me but they don’t talk about it that much and a lot of the tenants out here feel there’s nothing I’m here to tell you with my hundreds and hundreds of videos and pictures there’s more to these grounds than we know. I woke up last week with two black eyes and had no clue how I got them I can be sitting here watching TV and it feels like I’m getting burned with a cigarette and it could be anywhere on my body. I could be watching a movie cuddled up next thing you know it feels like my foot is-50 degrees freezing cold or my hands. I’ll even think something it look like flipping e.t. coming in my sliding door watch the sliding door open by itself in the camera pick up something look like ET. I’d really like to know what’s going on out here

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  13. I lived there as a child until I got foster parents. Me and a bunch of other kids that was there with me one night snuck down to the basement. Needless to say I’ve never seen anything any creepier in my life.

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