A Kinda Makes You Think Field Trip to a Local Cemetery – Columbus, IN

So you may have noticed on social media that I’ve been asked to be a co-host of the paranormal-based podcast “Kinda Makes You Think” by my friend and cohort, comedian Jeff Bodart. So far, we’ve been a red hot mess, but in a good way. Through the glitches, the million “uhhs,” the incessant use of the word “interesting” (which listeners should be taking a shot of rye whiskey everytime they hear it), we’ve gotten lots of support and positive feedback. The website is coming soon. Hopefully you’ll give us a listen, send us your stories, and if you’d be so kind, please leave us a positive review on iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

A little about this video: Jeff had never been out on an actual investigation. So we decided right before recording episode #5 to run out to a local cemetery (Harmony Cemetery) for a quick ITC session. It was windy, not great conditions for a cemetery walk-through. So we kept it brief. 10 minutes or so running my Andy’s Box (PRD 1000), and 15 minutes running the ITC app, Echovox. I won’t get into specifics of every response we may have gotten. But one that really caught me off guard was “you’re an asshole.” This is when we had the Andy’s Box running in the Hunter family plot in the middle of the cemetery. We sat our ghost box there, and from information I’ve gathered, there may be two Jesse Hunters buried here, a father and infant son. Was it perceived in the moment we were trying to call upon a deceased infant to communicate with? If that were the case (which it wasn’t our intent), then I agree with the sentiment of the response. Trying to talk to a dead baby would definitely make you an asshole by any definition.
-Evel Ogilville 

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