Unclaimed Spirits, Undisclosed Location – Columbus, Indiana


• Although the location has been vacant since the late 1940s, a recent visitor to the property reported a closet door shutting on its own accord.



April 10th, 2016


• Bangs, footsteps, the sound of dragging, and doors moving.



• Obituary references: Matthew Pfeiffer, pulmonary tuberculosis, (1912); Daniel Miller (1913) at home of daughter, Mrs. Ida Anderson; Daniel Vannoy (1908); Newton Clark (1925), heart attack believed caused by running up flight of stairs at the building, where he had a room and worked as custodian.

DR. J.F. WRIGHT, M.D. (1827-1906, buried in City Cemetery)

John Franklin Wright, son of Charles Aquith Wright and Laura E. Franklin, a descendant of Benjamin Franklin. Primary education in Springfield, Ohio where family relocated to from Vevay. Attended White’s Academy in Dayton. Studied medicine with brother-in-law C.E. Mason and brother Charles W. Wright. Graduated from Ohio Medical College; finished surgical education in Paris, France.

Upon arriving in Columbus began practice of medicine and surgery in partnership with Dr. Solomon Jackson, who died soon after the partnership was formed, leaving field to Wright. Secured consultation/surgical practice in Bartholomew County and the greater portion in the adjoining counties. He did not go to the war, but displayed “a benevolent spirit by giving medical attention to soldiers’ families free of charge.”

“Known as a man of sterling integrity, unflinching moral courage and indomitable will.” For many years victim of chronic rheumatism, which he attributed to extreme exposure and irregularity of his professional life. But while a constant sufferer, never gave up, and his advice to people who were subject to chronic rheumatism was “to lead an active life and never become disheartened.” Known for cheerful disposition, keen sense of humor and storytelling. Was a Mason, yachtsman, fisherman, owned trotting horses. (“Biographical Record of Bartholomew County Indiana,” 1904, published by B. F. Bowen)

Married Adelia Irwin (1844-1874, buried in City Cemetery) in 1857. (*No obituary information for her found.) Married Eugenia Mayfield (1854-1920, buried in City Cemetery) in 1875.

Dr. Wright’s obituary in The Columbus Republican confirms he died at his home. Death due to “general breakdown.” Funeral was held from his late residence … “The casket will be open at the residence Tuesday (June 19, 1906) from 9 o’clock in the morning until 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”


• In  January 1908, Mrs. May B. Bishop, of Cleveland, brought suit to break Wright’s will, claiming she was his granddaughter, and was entitled to entire estate, valued at $75,000. Suit named Eugenia Wright, chief beneficiary and executrix of will, and his niece Zoe Cook as defendants. Asserted Dr. Wright of unsound mind when will was written and undue influence was used. Bishop’s mother’s name was Haidee F. Wright. (The Evening Republican, 1/30/1908). (*No information on any children from either marriage found.) Will was held as valid. Bishop agreed to relinquish claims on Wright estate for cash payment of $5,000 (The Evening Republican, 6/6/1909).

• OR … Chess was said to be Dr. Wright’s favorite game. He spent evenings with “the boys” at the chess room in the Masonic Temple. “He has carved a set of chess men of the finest elephant ivory, which are unsurpassed in America.” (“Biographical Record of Bartholomew County Indiana,” 1904, published by B. F. Bowen).


In lieu of the EVPs, noises, Echovox responses, meter blips and light ups, I wanna cover the part of the video where something appears to move across the ceiling.

Was it a reflection of vehicle lights? Possibly. Although after filming in that spot at the same angle for close to 45 minutes, given the fact that the windows in the front of the location do not face an intersection, the windows in the rear of the space are boarded up, and that no light-play appears at any other time, it’s really difficult to say.

Was it a ghost? Don’t know. We were never properly introduced. But it’s interesting that we had multiple things that happened simultaneously — the emf meter lighting up and noises only detected by our recorders. It wasn’t until I reviewed the video that I noticed something vaguely reflect in the IR. Just moments after that, the door moves for the second time too. That door isn’t the easiest to move either. You can hear the creaking and dragging against the floor as it’s pushed.


This night was a great lesson for me, I had no expectation of really anything happening. So much anticipation gets preloaded into our minds when we enter a space that has had a long haunted yarn already spun. Honestly though, whenever we get to peel back the layers of history, it can get really exciting. We had a few notes on the space going in, but not a lot of details. But that night when the word Bishop came through EchoVox several times, and to later find out there was a connection was mind blowing.

•  All historical information was compiled by PARAHOLICS.COM Researcher, Amy Specter.

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— Evel Ogilville


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