Inaugural GEOBOX Test at the Hawpatch Liberty Cemetery – Clifford, IN

I recently received my GEOBOX from spirit box builder, George Brown. First off, I gotta say, George is one heck of a nice guy. Secondly, his product is extremely attractive. The current run/style he’s making is called the Afterlight Edition inspired by Britain’s own Anthony Mark of Afterlight Paranormal (another great guy). My box is #8 of this run, making it #25 in the whole world. In spite of its appearance, hype, controversy, being used on Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown, one question remains, does it work? Will you receive replies from the spirit world? (Or whatever your theory is, you alien-theory-jiving-nutter-butters.)

So this video is in conjunction with my good friend, sexy comic, and great cohost of the MOST popular paranormal podcast you’ve never heard of, Kinda Makes You Think — Mr. Jeff Bodart. Jeff wanted to help me give my GEOBOX its initial outing, so as part of KMYT episode #16, we took it to one of my favorite cemeteries, Hawpatch Liberty outside of Clifford, IN. In the past I have gotten some amazing responses there and this visit didn’t fail to amaze. Not only did we capture some mind-blowing responses through the GEOBOX (including the possibility of my personal name being repeated — I can’t be Evel always), we also caught some crazy EVP’s. Give the episode a listen, watch the video, and feel to share this post.

– Evel Ogilville

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