Fear & Loathing Inside Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, Kentucky 


As I sit here upon finishing this video, I’m still shaking my head trying to make sense of all the different thoughts and feelings I have about it. So I’ll just stream it all out here.

First off, of all my trips to Waverly, this was the most intense. I’ve always walked away with a couple of memorable moments, but this one was one not to forget from the get-go.

The 2013 footage was filmed by my friend Jeff Rocker. Thanks to him that odd session was captured.

 That 2013 visit we were there as guests of Tyra Newsome and her group In Nomine Paranormal Research. She was the investigator having the coughing spell.

The Waverly volunteer that led that ’13 session was Mike Flickner of Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters. It was his familiarity with the entity named Timmy that brought that spirit box session alive, and left my mind blown.

Were these events at all connected to the experience we had on 06/26/16? Well, there were enough similarities that I felt strongly about compiling them and sharing. As with most paranormal theory, it cannot really be proven that a ghost named Timmy was the culprit. Regardless, my experience has framed it as a great possibility.

It was great getting to prowl around Waverly with April Slaughter. She seemed very much in her natural element. It was so insightful listening to her approach, manner, and questions regarding spirit communication. To learn more about her and her work, visit www.aprilslaughter.com.

I’ve never bought into or have considered myself a “hunter” of famous ghosts. I’ve always went into every location completely open to the moment without expectation based upon the haunted folklore. But this visit to Waverly has opened my eyes to those narratives just a bit. Not only can the tales have substance, but maybe your personal experience will place you in their story.

Hearing the disembodied growls from the second floor during our EchoVox session still gives me the chills. To reiterate, that growling came from the hallway, not the device speaker. Then shortly afterward the EchoVox grrrr’d back at us, almost to reaffirm that we needed to acknowledge the growling. Was it a warning?

~ Evel


  1. My cousin and I stayed all night at Waverly last year. We had a totally different experience with Timmy.(Unless there are 2 Timmys). We weren’t really expecting to see anything. We went into the room where the ball was sitting. We said “Timmy do you want to play ball?”-Nothing happened. We talked to him a while and still nothing. Then I jokingly said, “You want me to start the game?” and I rolled the ball across the room. The ball just stopped . It sat there for about a minute not moving.Then it started to go in little circles . The circles got bigger and bigger . Then it came toward me and rolled right by me. My cousin and I were speechless.We just looked at each other. We picked up the ball to see if it was weighted, we checked for wind, we were down on the floor to see if the floor was slanted. I don’t know why it did what it did. Our family thinks we’re crazy(Maybe we are) but we know what we saw. Sure made a believer out of me. Thanks for sharing your video. Jessica Brown

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    1. It’s my personal impression that there are two Tims there. One of a little boy & the other not so nice. I’ve often wondered if the not-so-nice Timmy adopted that name to fool people who wander around expecting to meet a child. Does that make sense? Thanks for watching!


  2. The coughing would make sense at Waverly, Symptoms of T.B. include Coughing that lasts three or more weeks, Coughing up blood, Chest pain, or pain with breathing or coughing, Unintentional weight loss, Fatigue, Fever, Night sweats, Chills, Loss of appetite. It is a way for those who are still there to convey how they died. Not saying all are innocent I believe some may be trapped and want others to suffer as well. Remember also that it was a a nursing home primarily treating aging patients with various stages of dementia and mobility limits, as well as the severely mentally handicapped many of which were placed there and forgotten.

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  3. Great evidence! I love that “Timmy is an asshole” part.
    That’s a very interesting point that you made about legends of haunted locations.

    I don’t go in to locations looking for anything in particular because I think it takes away from keeping an open mind. History and stories are great when they manifest themselves but what else are we missing in the process of looking for particular entities ?

    We did Waverly in July, 2014 and would love to get back there someday. My wife will no longer investigate with me as a result of her experiences at Waverly…
    I had some interesting interactions in the 4th floor surgery room, on the fifth floor and in the death tunnel. One of these days I will get them edited to video.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I never paid much credence to the tales & haunted characters of these locations, Waverly was the first place I’ve ever had legend kinda jump out at me… Just curious, did your wife get choked at all?


      1. No, not choking but lots of coughing. I had forgotten about that until I just asked her and didn’t connect it until now. That’s wild!
        The place was kind of calm when we were there. There was an extremely intense lightning storm the night before we investigated. It seemed to have zapped the energy from Waverly. (Forgive the pun!)
        We still had a very interesting investigation.


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