Who’s Buried Under Potter’s Field?

On location with The Search: Existence Unknown, myself and James Clarida had an opportunity to go off to the Potter’s Field Cemetery behind the Floyd County Asylum for a quick ITC experiment with devices he makes (Research Investigators of Paranormal), and my GEOBOX. Did we make contact with whomever is buried in the Potter’s Field?



  1. Its interesting how just when you started getting some communication, something more aggressive came along and wanted you out of there. Is the Geo Box being turned off by entities? I had that problem with cell phones and MP-3 players while remodeling a haunted location. The spirits shut them down when I was playing music. Had to use my laptop for music after awhile because they kept shutting down my other devices.

    I like that you are investigating New Albany and Floyd County. My grandfather was born there and my great-grandparents emigrated there from Germany. Thanks for your posts!

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  2. I lived at the Floyd county poor farm. But it was in 1987 and Mary Streigle Judge Streigles wife was helping pregnant, unmarried women who had no where to go. I had just got back into town and was pregnant and unwed. I had a room on the second floor and could walk out to the small balcony and sit in the sun. The old folks were there too then. I enjoyed my stay it was creepy at night and I definitely didnt walk around aftet dark . But its a beautiful building that needs to be saved. They used to put lughts in all the windows at Christmas. The older folks loved it there. Creepy or not there was love there too. Hope it gets saved from destruction.

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