To Catch a Preternatural Predator: Donald of St. Albans Sanatorium – Radford, Virginia 

If you’ve ever visited St. Albans Sanatorium, chances are you’ve heard the story of an orderly named Donald who molested & murdered a young boy named Jacob. Up the grand staircase & then to the right, you can enter into what’s referred to as Donald’s room — where it’s said that his spirit haunts, & he keeps the spirit of his young victim trapped as well. 

Historically, so far, we’ve been unable to prove that Donald, Jacob or their tragedy ever existed, yet the phenomena of their haunting presence does occur. Where do haunted history & haunted fiction intersect? If the events never happened, who facilitates this paranormal activity? 

The following video is highlights from a two-hour long conversation I had with Donald on Saturday morning, the 20th of August, 2016. Will I come closer to establishing any clarity to this legend?  

Caution: this session is VERY DISTURBING. 


Thanks for watching & feel free to share this post with your adult paranormal friends. 

— Evel Ogilville 


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