Shadows of St. Albans: Featuring the Afterlight Box

The Afterlight Box is a free paranormal app created by Martin Bellefeuille from eXtreme Senses and Anthony Mark England of Afterlight Paranormal. The software was created to offer the paranormal community a free, ITC ghost box application with the premium features of a paid app.

A theory among the paranormal community is that spirits can use audio frequencies as a material to construct speech in order to communicate, so why not try audio patterns the same way? That is the concept behind the Afterlight Box — offering spirits randomized audio patterns for manipulation for communication.

What makes the Afterlight Box unique is that it runs independent banks simultaneously —  including a fully reversed audio bank,  and live internet sweeping radio, plus it has a fully customizable sweep rate featuring build-in echo, reverb and a silent mode for cutting out the bombardment of non-stop noise and audio. It’s also the first app created that runs 3 ghost box banks, live I.P. radio and an Ovilus-like feature called the Sanctus Talk. This allows users flexibility to run the application however they like per their preference.

After speaking to Anthony, he stresses when using ITC apps  —  always look for relevance, meaning and substance to the location, the history, and the surroundings while the software is running. Because not everything coming through will be paranormal, it’s important to differentiate between the what is and what could-bes. It’s ultimately up to the user to differentiate between the possibilities.

This summer, myself and a group of investigators had the chance to experiment with the Afterlight Box at the very haunted St. Albans Sanatorium located in Radford, Virginia.

But it wasn’t until Gene Caswell of the Jefferson County Paranormal Society took the Afterlight Box up to the attic, sat on a bed, and began getting messages about the bed and “The Master” being upset, that the app truly gripped our attention.

We were not sure what to think of those messages until we came across this poem:

The Albans Ghosts
The Master sat in his easy chair,

The study-hall lamps burnt bright,

But little he knew that a horrid crew

Were marshaling just out sight.

Harry opened the door when across the floor,

With a stride both bold and grim.

Come Peters, the great, straight on the fate

The Master had waiting for him.

When Charley walked in, a mighty din

Shook the windows again and again

While Harry and Frank enjoyed the prank

And followed with smirks and a grin.

These four came on, with chatter and groan,

To “queer” the Master and boys.

In burnt cork and sheets they walked the streets

And made a ghost-like noise.

The scheme went awry, they were caught on the


In the study-hall they sat quite awhile;

Thirty days on the lot, helped to spoil the plot;

Of demerits, they rolled up a pile.

Next day at their posts, these merry ghosts

Felt akin to Hamlet’s sire;

For, purging away the crimes of that day

They thought they “fasted in fire.”

1893-1894 issue of “The Promus,” 

St. Albans School yearbook

Was the headmaster noted in the poem The Master threatening Gene? We’ll never know for sure. But the possibilities are astounding.

The video is from the memorable moments from our Afterlight Box sessions that weekend. I hope you enjoy. This past year we’ve seen incredible strides in advancement of ITC. Makes me wonder what is around the bend.


— Evel Ogilville


  1. Although I never really felt threatened to be there, I admit I was a bit uneasy in upstairs bedroom when I first heard ” The Master will be angry”. That was a bit unsettling at first until I heard the poem. That let off some pressure. lol. I didn’t hear about it until about a week later or though. So much more that was not captured there that was interesting and left me wanting to know more. I came and left with different thoughts and ideas about the place. The basement at the Inn session left me dumbfounded. The shadows play I experienced plus some sounds I chased without camera in hand to hopefully capture. Great trip and well worth while with great friends.
    This is starting to sound like a yelp review, time to stop.

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