The Hauntings of The Candlelight House – Franklin, Indiana


On this return visit to The Candlelight House, we had another amazing investigation. Unfortunately some of my audio files were corrupt and I lost some remarkable footage. But this video is packed with some pretty startling ITC moments, including an EVP where I seem to have struck a nerve with Otho Henry Pritchard (descendant of the Owens family), and a moment where I hear through the ghost box chatter about the question that I was preparing to ask — leaving me to wonder, what precisely is going on in these sessions? Who are we dealing with and how does it all work? Ghosts? Time slips? Demons? Aliens? Sasquatch? Elvis?

A hunk of burning questions here.
Thanks for watching.

— Evel Ogilville


    1. I’d contact the owners through The Candlelight House Facebook page or Twitter account. Not sure if they’re ready to open it up for public investigations yet. Maybe this summer? Thanks!


  1. #geobox really amazes me on the communication and the #PRD1000 is so crisp. The time slip is a cool catch. I have caught them before and makes you rethink the whole thing. Is there really a parallel universe, Do they read our minds? Is it something totally different that we haven’t even concieved yet?

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