Cemetery Gates Vol. 2 Episode 1 – Brown County, Indiana 

I enjoy exploring off-the-beaten-path cemeteries and graveyards so much, I’ve decided to turn Cemetery Gates into an ongoing feature here on PARAHOLICS.com. I hope you enjoy them. Now here are a few thoughts on this video:

  • The audio is contaminated. Between the wind, insects, passing vehicles, crunching grass, birds, and a fucking annoying hound, it’s pretty rough and I freely admit it. That being said, I do believe there are some ITC gems in here. Is everything 100% accurate? I sincerely doubt it, especially the EVPs — not quite what I’d call Class A.
  • I have no knowledge of there being any haunted folklore associated with this cemetery, and I’m not trying to start any.
  • The Panasonic DR60 recorder I used is a trip. Though I will clarify that the “angry old man” screams can be caused by the voice activation feature getting triggered and therefore you don’t hear me react much to it in the video. See, scores of investigators post those screeches as paranormal evidence all the time — which I thoroughly enjoy because I know their britches are still COMPLETELY full of shit from initially hearing those demonic growls
  • The name Phillip is one I’ve been getting on a regular basis, I’m not sure how I feel about that.
  • I was drawn to the Joshua Fox headstone because it was off by itself and didn’t look totally official.  Out of respect, if I’d initially realized it was the grave of a baby, I would’ve steered clear completely. Joshua’s official marker was nearby and read stillborn, which really makes the few responses I heard through the AGBX-3 odd and noteworthy. The messages that came across urging me to help him I ultimately felt were mocking me at best — knowing that once I realized it was the grave of a baby, how much more disturbing the impact would be. Just my intuitive thoughts. Most spirits are jerks.
  • Nobody hurt the dog. Not even the ghost.


Unsolved Double-Murder Mystery

Marion Lee Brown (1862-1930)

Lourena (1864-1930)

Paul (1901-1930)

• On December 15, 1930, respected farmer and orchardist Marion “Lee” Brown, wife Lourena and neighbor Chester Bunge shot by couple’s youngest son, Paul, in their farmhouse four miles northwest of Nashville.

• Bunge escapes while Paul, an engineer and inventor believed to have gone insane, allegedly reloads weapon. Bunge returns to homestead with friend Frank Crews, to discover farmhouse on fire.

• Sheriff aided by dozens of men scour miles surrounding Brown property. Tracks corresponding with vicinity of where Bunge said he last saw Paul discovered. The human tracks accompanied by dog tracks. Neighbors say they saw Browns’ shepherd dog Bounce returning home from that direction about three hours after shooting and fire. Presence of dog tracks leads sheriff to discount suicide theory, as a “dog of intelligence will almost invariably lead searchers to the body.”

• Investigators find charred remains of two bodies in what was the home’s basement. Doctors conclude those of Lee and Lourena. Couple buried in double casket in single large grave in Lanam Ridge Cemetery, near the farm where they had spent their lives.

• Two months later, bodies ordered exhumed for crime investigation. Pathologist concludes bodies actually those of two men; one older and one much younger. Finding fuels speculation Mrs. Brown taken and killed elsewhere. Farmer in area finds shallow grave on nearby property but no evidence found.

• None of three ever seen again, and case remains unsolved. Paul Brown declared legally dead by court in 1938.

Sources: Brown County Democrat, 12/18/30; 5/27/81; 10/28/98; 

Indianapolis Star, 12/13/31. 

“Brown Murder Mystery,” by Diana Biddle (http://browncountygenealogy.blogspot.com/2011/04/thriller-thursday-brown-murder-mystery.html)

*This bonus historical info tied to this cemetery was uncovered by PARAHOLICS researcher, Amy Specter. 


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