A Haunted Afternoon with RTV6: Featuring The Candlelight House

Recently we were contacted by RTV6’s Mandy Walker to contribute to a segment on ghost hunting for the Halloween season. We went to two historic locations — an abandoned doctor’s office, and The Candlelight House in Franklin, Indiana. The objective was for a quick interview, a discussion on devices and methodology, and then to conduct investigative “demonstrations.” Of course I would never make a guarantee of whether or not there would be any type of paranormal activity, but being very familiar with each place lends me a knowledge of hotspots in the buildings, or verbal triggers to help illicit responses. As you’ll see from the videos, our time was incredible, and we recorded some amazing data.

I personally want to thank RTV6 and Mandy Walker for making us a part of this. Also, a big shoutout to the great people who allowed us access to the amazing and eerie spaces.


RTV6 Story:


Additional Candlelight House Videos:


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