Ghost Crackers


This investigation was pretty neat.

I use 3 controversial devices in this video: the Panasonic RR-DR60, my Lear Radio Geobox, and the humor of comedian Jeff Bodart.

I explain the what’s-up and true with the first 2. And Jeff? Well, his mother loves him dearly.

I also kick the ITC Ethics Compass straight in its own apps. Not that they’re all bullshit, but I’m calling bullshit. There needs to be a pecking order in ITC based upon what we present as evidence against that which is easiest to explain away. Before you get excited because I’m pissing on your favorite toys, please read:

An EVP on a recorder versus an ITC app response? A disembodied voice out of thin air versus a word that kinda sorta fits your line of questioning that kinda sorta fits the location’s history all from a preloaded sound bank? Oh, and you didn’t get any real EVPs? That’s a bout pitting Bruce Lee against Mr. Bean. Get real. It’s much more difficult to explain away a sweeping radio response from a hack or ghost box than an app. Honestly. Apps sound creepy, and they’re gonna respond. That’s what they do — but at least a real ghost box is truly random in its sourcing. How can you explain away the word fuck from a device that’s sweeping NPR versus an app with sound banks made by Joe Appshmuck? If all you’re seeking is instant gratification on your haunted adventure, use them. Use all of them, especially Ghost Radar. Why not? Guarantee you’ll get the results you want. Just don’t present it to anyone with critical thinking skills especially if they’re a skeptic — they’re gonna think you’re crazy. I think you’re crazy — and I’ve gotten freaky results with apps. A) They’re not all created equal. Some (Big Beard Studios, ExtremeSenses, …) are way better than others. They are worth experimenting with if they’re a small part of your methodology, just not the whole sum. B) If you’ve investigated and your evidence review is nothing more than app responses and nothing more substantial (no EVPs, no demon scratches across your butt cheeks, no EMF spikes you probably triggered with your cell phone, etc), you only have audio bank recordings or Internet radio sweeping apps that source samples from religious and paranormal shows online. That doesn’t seem too paranormal to me.

Analyze your confirmation bias. Use critical thinking skills. Be honest with yourself and others. If not, please tag me in all your Ghost Radar or SCD2 videos. I like to laugh and vomit simultaneously. It’s a gift.

Why am I going off on this? Because it’s Monday.

– Evel Ogilville

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  1. Thankyou for this . Because that totally makes since . My name is Candace
    Today is Wed but i want you to know it feels like a Monday. I couldn’t beleive it when i seen it so I had to dig a little deeper an ran across you on Google.
    An again Thanks


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