The Geobox: ITC Heaven in the Hades of Huff

In my efforts to experiment with as many ITC builds as possible, I’ve found the pushback I’ve received when using the Geobox by George Brown to be the most curious. There are a few points I’m wanting to make with this post. and I hope that people can hang on long enough to consider them. Typically I try to make my videos with moments of interest for both ghost-hunting newbies and experienced ITC experimenters, but this video is geared more for the ITC people, so to anyone else, maybe my next video will be creepier for you.

People like to attack the Geobox for multiple reasons. Ninety-nine percent of them are childish. They like to say they’re fire hazards; they’re made out of cheap parts from China; poor craftsmanship; yada yada. But in reality, only the very first Geobox ever experienced a fire issue, and I know that sounds kinda funny to defend, but in reality there’s been almost 100 made since without incident. I find it remarkable that some Geobox haters turn around and attempt to make their own version of them. And the insult that they’re made with cheap Chinese parts … Really? Do you know how many builders I’ve had to wait on because they’re waiting on shit to arrive from China so they can finish my build? All of them. The $10 hacked radio argument is my favorite. First off, how much is an Arduino FM tuner really? Super expensive? Wrong. Everybody who says that they don’t build and sell a ghost box for some sort of profit but who never seems to sell them for the $80 it takes to buy all the parts (sweeper boards, tuner, project case) while boasting some sort of ITC high road is a total hypocrite. How many people use hacked radios for their sessions? I’d say way more than the number who use ghost boxes. It doesn’t matter how these devices are put together. Whether someone had a circuit built from scratch, or it’s a hacked radio, they all sweep the frequency bands, and if the devices work — they work — and they all pretty much work under the same fundamentals. People who really work with ITC devices know this. And they know they’re lying when they say the Geobox cannot be effective. But oh no! The motherfucking REVERB. The evil reverb tank that was weaponized to dilute the radio chatter so the Geobox user can unscrupulously claim to hear any type of message from beyond that he wants. That’s all horseshit. First off, George Brown isn’t the first ITC guy to experiment with reverb. Secondly, not all implementers of spirit boxes are created equally. That’s right. Not to say there aren’t some assholes out there who fake sessions, because there are, regardless of what device they use, and we’ll address Huff in a second. But most people aren’t purposely dishonest; they just aren’t careful and discerning and hear A LOT OF CRAZY SHIT THAT’S NOT REALLY THERE. But this applies to every spirit box session, every EVP capture, you name it, all of it. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of misinterpretation too. We all want to hear messages so badly, and our minds are so incredibly powerful, they sometimes override reality. But you can’t blame the ghost box or its effects, right? Only if you’re a twat. How many motherfuckers out there butcher song lyrics straight out of the radio? Millions. We hear things incorrectly all the time.

But as with most things people try, if it’s a new twist on someone else’s concept, and someone is trying it out for the first time, they’re gonna make mistakes, and they’re also gonna get better. That’s definitely been true with the Geobox. And as with most groups of people, the paranormal community included, instead of encouraging or helping the people who take risks to grow, they try to destroy them. It’s the nature of our culture. The ITC community seems to be the best example of this type of behavior right now. Why? I blame Huff Paranormal. As a matter of fact, if you hate the Geobox or got your “I hate the Geobox” information from someone, the likelihood of them being in the Anti-Huff camp is pretty high. That’s the root of the bias against the Geobox. I get it. I find the ethics of Huff Paranormal deplorable. What??? Someone who uses a Geobox can’t stand Steve Huff? Is that possible? Yep, you know why? Because George Brown isn’t Steve Huff. George Brown has always came across to me as a sincere ITC guy who had the fortunate misfortune of getting acknowledged by Huff Paranormal. The popularity of his devices exploded after that fateful day Huff laid his tiny penis up in a Geobox. Then George decided to start putting them on eBay, and capitalism drove the price of the boxes to an astronomical level (I understand why a lot of people were upset by that)  so people felt screwed out of the opportunity to attain one or it was a big money grab. Then boom! His devices were on TV. Folks continue to heap disdain on someone else’s success.  That’s America for you. If you don’t like the sound of the Geobox, that’s a valid personal preference. If you think the prices of them are ridiculous, that’s valid and 100% understandable. But to say they’re ultimately a just scam, don’t work, or a combination of the two? That’s incorrect.

So regardless of your Geobox sentiments, in this video, I’m gonna do something Steve Huff could never do with a Geobox or anything he uses. I’m presenting an essentially unedited ITC session straight through using Geobox V. I have two jump cuts in the video, one where I stopped filming and checked the settings of the box, and the second where I moved the box to a separate room during the same session. Now this is a session that’s sat on my camera roll for well over a year now. It was conducted in a haunted location where Mike Culwell and I were demonstrating ghost box work to friends Lynsey and Drew, but at the time, no real relevant responses came through that were directly tied to the location, so I was unimpressed. But lots of replies did come through. Many critics of the Geobox say the reverb kills a lot of possible replies. That may very well be possible, but I also think that whomever is communicating through these devices can effectively use whatever tool we provide them, and when the Geobox connects, there’s no doubt about it. Replies always seem to rise above the radio chatter getting beat to death in the reverb tank. There is no noise killer on a Geobox so all the sounds are present to be manipulated. And I say whomever we’re communicating with because I’m not some faith-based ghost hunter selling religiously conceived notions about what is unverifiable. So that’s why I try to stay away from “woo” and not prey upon people’s sentimental heartstrings by steering them down a path that nobody truly understands fuck about.

The reason I say Huff would never release a session like this is because he doesn’t have control over it. For one, he doesn’t use jump cuts just to be tidy in the length of his videos, he uses them as puzzle pieces to produce a grander narrative. And it’s not anyone’s fault but their own that they can’t see through his sleight-of-hand, televangelist deceit. If his followers — yes, not subscribers, but followers like a cult — if his followers can’t apply critical thinking skills to the fact that he stacks the deck in his favor with his devices that can be rigged with pre-recorded MP3s; that his apps are basically preloaded sound banks or are programmed to specifically sweep paranormal/religious Internet stations; if they can’t question the lack of integrity or credibility when he uses prerecorded voices of dead celebrities to allegedly communicate with them, or the countless videos out there that have busted his snake-oil methodology — if none of this has an impact on the intelligence of his followers and proves to them they’re being conned, then piss on all of them. They’re simply in it for entertainment. They’re gullible and obviously never had a chance at understanding ITC anyway. Period. I hope they keep giving Huff all their money and all their worthless love and light.

Credibility is almost nonexistent in ITC, even worse now because of the Huffites and their Heaven’s Gate-looking leader. This is why I implore people to stay away from most apps, not all but most; apps seem too Huffy. Don’t use his or replicate his decorated guitar amps, Portal, Wonder Box, Soul Sucker (or whatever that shit’s called now) because it lends him a nod of credibility. Don’t do dead celebrity sessions. Face it, you’re not helping anyone, living or dead. If you emulate the practices of Huff Paranormal in any of your approaches and present people this as evidence of helping save souls — you’re just being an exploitative piece of narcissistic shit that’s vying for attention too. You’re being a predator because you’re imitating a predator. A predator that feeds on emotions and gives false hope to people in their most desperate and vulnerable states. You’re disgusting. And if you don’t see this, if you think you’re some spiritual superhero with a ghost box — you’re not. You’re simply a joke — a joke that’s built a hobby on instant gratification, carnie showmanship and charlatanism.

But the Geobox? That, thank baby Jesus, isn’t Steve Huff. Learn the difference and poo some of your animosity out. Do I think the Geobox is the best ghost box made? Fuck no. But does it deserve the shit that gets thrown at it by uneducated or plain jealous cunts? Nope, piss on them too. A ghost box is just a ghost box. There’s no authority or rules here on trying things differently as long as your intentions are upstanding. There are several people out there with differing opinions on this I do respect but don’t always agree with. But ITC bullying shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone. Not me or you. This isn’t a bullying vid against Huff either, nor a call to arms. But when someone sets out to blatantly defraud the field, and when you see the damage his infection brings, warnings are warranted. Consider this a public service announcement. Just like don’t eat hazardous waste, wear a rubber, etc.

In the end, all ghost boxes give weird replies, no matter the engine that drives them. They show something strange is afoot, and that strangeness doesn’t prove fuck. When is the last time a ghost box session changed the world? You’re talking to the dead?!?!? Talking to the dead, and you’re not on the cover of Time magazine? And Huff hasn’t been either?? Think about it. Thanks for watching.



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