A Nightmare on Union Street — Columbus, Indiana

Not too much to add on this one that’s not in the video, except for one moment that shook me off. Shook me off, you say? It was the end of the investigation, Connor was packing up our gear and David was outside chatting him up. I went to the restroom off the kitchen before hitting the road (#1 you filthy animals). I shut the door, like a decent human being, and as I was standing there relieving myself, the doorknob turned, and the door swung wide open. So when you’re a man, and you’re taking a piss, and something startles you like that, your ability to multitask really gets rapidly taxed. You first try to be discreet with your “junk” yet maintain aim (not easy), and then fully turn your head around to assess the threats or any paparazzi — while you simultaneously vocalize this odd yodel that resembles “hey, whoa!” But in this instance, I turned my head and NOBODY was there — at least visibly. So I hurriedly shook off, and immediately took account of where the guys were — they were outside. Then I went back and tried to debunk the door opening, which I could not. So there, an amazing moment that wasn’t in the video that helped solidify everything that happened that night. I’m looking forward to the next time I get to whiz in that house.

Thank you to David for getting me into his “mad house” and to former tenants who helped me with this project.

Thanks again to Eunice Specter digging up the history.

— Evel Ogilville



  1. Me and a buddy helped Nerissa move into that house, and seeing this video just resparked the whole memory. I’m a realtor and I see houses every day and forget them just the same. Not that one. From personal experience I can say that the room upstairs on the left had something very wrong about it. I put some boxes in there and just sat up there for a minute because something just felt off. I had a discomfort for no reason, there were at least 5 of us in the area and I still felt uneasy. Walking into the hallway leading upstairs was the first part of it, but being in the room on the left was the worst of it. Talking to her about her experiences in that house was the strangest thing, because it didn’t come as a surprise.

    After the first box drop off I was in and out of that upstairs area post haste, usually with my other buddy helping to move, I just didn’t want to be up there alone, and when you traded non-prompted notes with other (Hey, did any part of the house feel strange to you) we all came to the same conclusion.

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