Dear John — A Haunted Reckoning

This has been an interesting journey that’s spanned over four years. I am so incredibly grateful that the homeowner, John, gave me permission to share this video with the rest of the world. I believe it’s a strong example of how complicated it can be trying to help someone in a residential setting. What do you do when you’re facing a scenario with no direct tragic history? What if your client doesn’t seem insane, or hasn’t dabbled in the occult, or isn’t suffering from addiction issues to bring paranormal activity into their life? What if after asking clergy for assistance the client was only met with a few prayers and ridiculous admonishments? What if the client has even moved houses and the phenomenon follows him? What if every romanticized narrative concerning what we believe makes a haunting makes no sense? What do you do? What do you do when the “evidence” you collect is some of the most menacing dark data you’ve ever recorded? What do you do when you feel the situation is very volatile and you sure as hell don’t wanna make it worse? What? Do you mean Paranormal TV didn’t prepare you for all of this? But you have a KII meter, right? Seriously though, when you’re meddling with someone’s mental health, his home, and his family’s lives, you better take this seriously — and if you apply critical thinking skills at all and there’s no cute little bow to wrap up your investigation with — be prepared for one of the most stressful situations you’ll find yourself in as a paranormal investigator.


Special thank you to my gracious friends at 765 Paranormal for giving me the chance to premiere this at their inaugural paracon “Freak-Out at The Fowler” (08/17/2019) in the gorgeous and haunted Fowler Theatre located in Fowler, IN.

And a super shoutout to my pal 100% Geno, Mr. Gene Caswell for his guidance and helping me find my voice with this one.

Thank you to John E.L. Tenney for giving me permission to use his quote at the beginning of the video — and for being a badass beacon in the paranormal community.

Thank you again to John and his family. Make you continue to find peace and resolve.

• Since I never thought I’d be sharing this publicly, I had to get a li’l creative in presenting part of the video — namely the Afterlight Box session, I had basically had a short clip with Gene that I kept editing as a way to present the audio.

• Unfortunately I broke one of my cardinal rules with this video. I NEVER edit out the time between the question and response of an ITC session. But, these were a couple of the longest and most conversational exchanges with discarnate personalities I’ve ever documented. I had no choice but to save time somewhere (especially for the Fowler premiere) — this video was still too damn long. My apologies.

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