Candlelight In Dark Country

If you’ve been following this blog or my YouTube channel, you’ll see I’ve visited The Candlelight House in Franklin, Indiana, many times. Not only is it an incredible location that is teeming with paranormal energy, it also has incredible owners I’m fortunate to call friends. Adam and Ella have been incredibly gracious in sharing their story and granting me access to their home time and time again. Especially so on this visit — it was a last second Hail Mary pass that February afternoon. I’d previously arranged for a week’s worth of locations for Anthony and I to investigate before he flew over from England for our Dark Country filming. The first location was actually set down in Madison, Indiana. We spent the entire day down there filming B-roll, only to have our overnight location drop the ball on us at the last second. Frustrated and with time being precious — and not wanting to lose a night of filming, I called Adam and within 2 hours we were pulling into Franklin. We were saved (only to have our asses handed to us by that house)! So this video is my big thanks to Adam and Ella.

Here’s to friendships past and present. Here’s to exploring and questioning the possibilities of our existences. Here’s to Otho. Here’s to 2020.


–Evel Ogilville



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