ITC Dicks

Snake oil ITC researchers rushing to contact celebrities on their ghost boxes right after death, with zero thought given to family and loved ones fresh in mourning, seems to sadly be the increasingly popular norm today. We have seen multiple examples of this disgusting trend with videos posted of XXX Tentacion, Chris Cornell, Stan Lee, Prince, Robin Williams, just to name a few.

Why do people in the ITC community do this?

What are their motivations?

Any celebrity death, especially when unexpected, is gonna be huge news wordwide and generate Facebook, YouTube and Google searches from all over the globe. But these deaths also create a temporary profitable niche for those who wish to exploit the situation for self gain and use it to their advantage to drive social media and website clicks and boost video popularity.

This week’s celebrity death trend seems to be the untimely passing of Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter. ITC communication videos reaching out to the NBA star have already started circulating in the paranormal community, some as early as the day after the fatal helicopter crash. WTF!!!!!

Many people have expressed how wrong this is, only to be shot down by groups that believe it is perfectly acceptable and for the good of ITC research to continue to popularize and support such bullshit. Those people and their lack of decency towards a grieving family and the inability to look outside the paranormal bubble they are in really concern me. Or if you truly are a fan of the deceased person, and you felt compelled to do a session like this, out of courtesy it should never be posted.

First off, nothing in the paranormal has ever been proven. There is no proof that spirits are real, and there’s no proof that the tools we use for spirit communication actually work. And even if we did have evidence, exploitation like this would still be a trashy grab for attention.

Taking an awful situation and turning it into profit for yourself, a pat on the back for the mere theory of possibility, is wrong. Did you make a difference? Did you get a comment that fulfills your self-worth for the day? And why the fuck would a dead celebrity wanna waste a moment talking to you?

Did you even take the time to put yourself in the family’s situation? Did you do this at their request? My guess is no.

Imagine you just lost your loved ones in a tragic accident and within hours of their passing some random idiot online started reaching out to them for video views, clicks, popularity. Would you be happy? I doubt it. I would be fucking pissed!

Anyone who thinks this is acceptable and attempts contact like this is a stain on the paranormal field. Your motivations are clear. You’re human garbage. It’s all in bad taste and clearly for all the wrong reasons. And if you support, share or praise such videos — well, then you’re trash, too.

“It’s all for love”

“It’s all for light”

No, fuckers, it’s all for money, popularity and greed.

You wanna do something special that gets attention? Go help someone because you’re a good person, like a living person — not because you’re seeking approval or your dumb ghost YouTube channel needs views.  



— Anthony England is a British ITC researcher and the better-looking half of Dark Country.

Welcome to the sad reality of ITE (Instrumental Trans Entertainers). It’s unfortunate that in this fringe slice of the paranormal universe, the ITC community has to deal with these exploitative charlatans with ghost boxes vulturing around dead celebrities for fame. I mean, someone has to make sure they get to heaven, right? Credibility is hard enough to establish in this hobby — let alone with these jokers fooling people on YouTube.

— Evel Ogilville

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