Merry Saturnalia From The ITC Bunker

So I got a new ghostbox from Hultay Paranormal, Steve’s Box model TR604. I took it down to my ITC bunker just to familiarize myself with it. This space I jokingly refer to as my bunker is really a cubby in my basement that’s a makeshift office. Keep in mind I live in a cabin in the woods in rural Indiana so it’s not surprising that I don’t get much radio reception. In fact such limited reception is the reason I don’t normally try to do ITC sessions at home — not because of any superstitions of drawing unwanted ethereal guests there. It’s not that I’ve never experienced unexplained activity at my place, but nothing unexplained has shown itself to be something to be concerned over — especially since we can’t even prove that what we’re allegedly communicating with is a ghost or even an ultra-dimensional being assuming the role of such. But as I was playing around with this new box’s functionality, I was pretty shocked to hear I was getting some reception with it. So I did an impromptu session without any expectations, and I was surprised to have actually heard a few relevant replies. What really shocked me was some of the lower toned responses that occurred in near complete sentences while I was sweeping at a very fast speed. Some of it seemed to be conversational — incredible. I’m posting this session here.


So this session brought on some inspiration. I’ve never been able to fully pursue controlled ITC sessions before due to the previously mentioned location challenges. What is a controlled session? Glad you asked. It’s basically a spirit box session with predetermined parameters. For example, doing a series of sessions in the same location, using the same device, asking the same questions. This TR604 Steve’s Box has given me hope to try one. Thus, I’m introducing my 2021 Evel’s ITC Cabin Sessions. What are the benefits of doing this type of experiment? Well, we’ll just have to find out if there are any. But if such an experiment with set parameters in the same radio frequency bands delivers consistencies in the responses, that would be pretty darn remarkable. And if not, that doesn’t mean we’ve totally debunked anything. It could still open the door for some weirdness — even if we’re able to determine how to be more cognizant of an EVP response versus a radio station false positive. Or just maybe I’ll summon Golgothan the Shit Demon and I’ll have to start charging it rent. I don’t know. Maybe it’ll just be fun. We’ll see.

I’m still hammering out the details, but the basic flow will go like this:

1. I’ll conduct one session a week averaging about 15 to 20 minutes in length for 8 weeks.

2. I’ll ask a series of 10 set questions plus 2 yet to be determined questions that will be unique to that particular session. I might repeat my set of questions during the same session multiple times per video. The only reason I may stray is if I hear a response in real time on which I can confidently follow up. If you want to be a part of this by submitting a question, send it to my DM on IG: the_paraholics or Twitter: @_PARAHOLICS. As long as it can’t be answered with a simple yes or no, I’ll totally consider it. If I use your question, I’ll send you something nifty from the PARAHOLICS gear page for contributing. Check it out here!

3. I’ll post the sessions within a day or two of recording.

4. I’ll do a summary video and blog recap during Week 9 just to see the perceived results.

Merry Saturnalia ya’ filthy animals!

See you next year!

— Evel Ogilville


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