Evel’s 2021 ITC Cabin Sessions: The Kicked Ash Recap

Here is my summary of all eight volumes of The Cabin Sessions. The longer I work with ghost boxes, the stranger ITC reveals itself to be. So make sure you watch until the end as I place a pretty little bow on the paranormal, douse it in gasoline and burn it all down.

If you’re someone who believes there’s a literal Satan that’s like a hungry lion hunting and devouring the souls of men, my Cabin Sessions is undoubtedly a nightmare trove of things that may freak you out. But don’t worry — after all the responses imploring me to pray, or so it seemed, I’m gonna try that on my next round of experiments. Just outta curiosity on how it may impact my sessions. But I gotta figure out how to address them so they’re not marked Return to Sender.

~ Evel Ogilville


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The Cabin Sessions:

Merry Saturnalia:

Skeleton history:

St. Albans:


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