Haunted Springdale Cemetery — Madison, Indiana


Established in 1839, Madison, Indiana’s Springdale Cemetery is one of the most scenic burial sites in the state. I was stoked to have the opportunity to test run a few new devices there but unfortunately on a very, very, very, very, very windy day. The first device I tried was the Ghost Voice from Paratronics. The second was from the great minds of Katie & Steve of Hultay Paranormal. And the third was an S-Box from Ghoststop. Enjoy the video.

— Evel Ogilville


  1. Just some notes of thought. When you were using the ghost box by Hultay Paranormal .
    I use Findagrave.com for research.

    The name “Pierce” was stated by a male voice, now Pierce could be a first name or last name.

    There is a Pierce Brookins buried in the cemetery (born and died in the1800’s)

    There is a Hannah E. Pierce and a John Thomas Pierce (both born in the 1800’s and died early 1900’s, I do not believe there is any relation to each other)

    A male voice said Matthew , I’m taking that as a first name, because usually the last name would have a S on it.

    There are 10 individuals named Matthew buried in the cemetery. Three were born and died in the 1900’s and the other seven were born and died in the 1800’s.

    Then a female voice said “Katie”

    There are 16 individuals buried with the name Katie, all were born in the 1800’s and nine died in the early to mid 1900’s and of course the rest 1800’s.

    Last, the word “Seven” came up twice, once by a male voice and I’m pretty sure the second time was female but it was not the same voice both times.

    No first name or last name with Seven produced any results, but I do know there is a Jewish burial section in the cemetery and the number 7 is one of the greatest power numbers in Judaism, representing Creation, good fortune, and blessing so I’m wondering if maybe those two individuals were trying to get you to go to the Jewish section of the cemetery.


    1. First off, thanks for watching & taking the time to comment. If you go through my posts, you’ll see that most of my locations have been thoroughly researched, and findagrave.com is invaluable. I am aware that there are connections to the name Pierce, Katie, & Matthew in the cemetery, but I didn’t note them — but now it’s in the comments. Thanks! And Matthew is a first name, my first name, I get it a lot in my sessions. And yes, I’m aware that there are Katies there too, but Katie Hultay also made that ghost box too. Coincidence? Like so many details in ITC, we always want to string together a narrative to perceived responses and make connections — but we truly never know. That’s one reason I didn’t do a timeline on this location — and I never felt like anybody really read them anyhow. I find it a little rewarding that not posting one encouraged someone to look up the history. 😂 And I am aware of the significance of Seven. I’ve been getting that for awhile now, not in just cemeteries & have noted it in previous posts. It’s strange. I appreciate your insights. I wish more people interacted.


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