Easter ITC Session — Rose Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, Indiana

This was my inaugural session with the Hultay Paranormal spirit box that was seen in my previous post at the Springdale Cemetery. These are excerpts from two very brief sessions conducted at the beautiful Rose Hill Cemetery in Bloomington, Indiana on Easter morning. Since it was my first time using this particular box, my initial impression was it really wasn’t making a good connection to whatever these devices tap into for great replies — which is generally my conclusion on a device’s first use. But I decided to review the footage and to my surprise, more weirdness than what I anticipated.

Here are my favorite takeaways from my session at Rose Hill:

• There seemed to be a plea for me to visit someone / or a grave early in the session. Was it someone that was sick?

• Of course I’m assuming that it was my ITC moniker of “Evel” versus the word evil.

• So many sessions seem to be a game of placating me for a few responses then they go straight to “get out.” These hit-the-road-Jack replies seem more common since the Cabin Sessions.

• The three deer part was my personal favorite validation in the video. Especially since nothing of major historical significance jumped out at me.

• The “I’m Hultay” reply is a trip. I actually believe Steve Hultay’s voice was imitated here. Of course my friend Steve Hultay is still alive (or at least he was yesterday when I checked), so was this something being deceptive to add some bamboozlement to the moment? Or, as often theorized in the realm of the weird that time isn’t linear or relevant “beyond the veil,” could this have been contact from future “ghost Steve?” Either way, stay outta my box Hultay!!!!

• “Most Christians leave here / Bye bye you fuck head” — just another Happy Easter from the paranormal.

Thanks for watching,

— Evel Ogilville


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