501 Ghosts

In a newly renovated historic building that was once a nightclub, a friend of mine was experiencing unexplainable events such as hearing disembodied voices and footsteps and seeing shadows. So I went and conducted some ITC sessions in the space to try and determine if my buddy was nuts or the place was haunted. We did EVP sessions and used a Frank’s Box, Andy’s Box B-2, the Lear Geobox and an ITC app hoping to connect the building’s past reputation to the phenomena being observed in the present.

Video :

Historical Notes:

• Recorded built circa 1900 but could have been constructed earlier. Early pharmacy recorded 1894; included ones were Smith H. Mapes then Lender’s. There was an earlier one-story double residence at the location. Multiple robberies, few fires over years.
• Wallie Roberts died of heart attack while in the drugstore in 1941. At the 4:10 mark of the video, the name “Robbie” comes through the Andy’s Box. Could “Robbie” potentially refer to shortened/nickname version of Roberts? Makes me wonder.
• Tewfik Hallal died in 1969 – in the hospital – but while he was owner/operator of then-called M & M Tavern.

See our follow up investigation:



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