In Search of Mr. James


When I was on the ITC & Paranormal Podcast with Rob & Josh recently, they spoke of something interesting that really fascinated me. They mentioned previous guest, ITC researcher and friend of mine Austin Maynard had discussed a Mr. James when he appeared on their program. Mr James is a personality that ITC researchers have contacting on the shortwave radio bands, and he comes across as a hellfire and brimstone preacher who knows things — personal details and secrets. As far as I know this is a recent phenomenon. So after the show, I reached out to Austin to get more information. He told me that at times Mr James has referred to himself as One and part of a legion. This floored me, seeing as how lately I’ve been getting the frequent response of Seven — which led me to wonder if there could be a numeric link. There are so many correlations to numbers in every religion, mysticism, demonology, angelology and so on — what could any of this mean? So I grabbed my Ink Box from Supernatural Ink one afternoon and fired up the SW to see if I might make a connection in search of Mr James.

— Evel Ogilville

Interview with Austin:

My interview:

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