Evel’s 2022 ITC Cabin Sessions: Weirdo Edition

You thought I forgot. Well, truth be known, I almost didn’t resurrect the Cabin Sessions. Why? Heck, if I know, but I figured if I made it an annual deal, I’d need to shake it up to keep myself interested. So I’m shaking it. The first edition of the Cabin Sessions was meant to test the consistency of responses in a more controlled set of circumstances — the same location, using the same device, asking the same questions. I think that I accomplished that with a smidgen of success. Go check it out here! This year, in order to slap it around some, I’m setting similar parameters, but I also consulted with my trusted friend, ITC Researcher, and purveyor of all things weird and cosmically unhinged, Gene Caswell of the Jefferson County Paranormal Society. Gene has been exploring the supernatural since the Dead Sea got sick, and I knew he’d be the ideal person for suggestions for the latest round of Cabin Sessions. And as a significant perk, I’m also beyond thrilled that I finally have a device that works on the AM band in the dark recesses of my ITC Bunker. I’ve never successfully gotten any AM reception down there. AM has always sounded like audio feedback in that space. But I’m not finished! Not only will the experiments be in AM, but they will also be in reverse speech. The geniuses at Hultay Paranormal set me up with a Steve’s RCA Box with Reverse Speech and BOOM! I not only get AM, but I get the benefit of less dismissible responses due to audio pareidolia based on the audio getting reversed. Sure, you can still have pareidolia with reversed audio, but if it’s a clear response that is heard in forward speech, it’s not radio station contamination — it’s communication (you can always reverse your captured recording of your already reversed audio session to cross-reference the legitimacy of the reply). Communication from where and with whom is still the ultimate question. I’ll probably not ever have an answer to that. So we could pontificate our assumptions and perceptions of whom we’re talking with, I guess — claim it’s possible dialogue between myself and an alien, or ghost, or Sasquatch, or the ghost of an alien Sasquatch. Or, we accept and respect that an intelligent exchange is happening in hopes of one day having broader insights, meditate over, and be fascinated by these implications. And there’s no Huff Paranormal chicanery here, folks! This is straight-up raw ITC — and if some damned dead celebrity dares to come through on my un-monetized Youtubes without permission, I’ll straight up channel GG Allin on that shit. Unfortunately, that’s a punk rock poop joke. Sorry. Moving on…

So how are we getting weird(er)? If you look at my set questions from last year, they’re all biased toward spirit communication. This year I wanna delve into big picture concepts and ancient mysteries just to see what happens. And I don’t plan on being as strict with the questions. If I hear a clear response in real-time, I’m gonna pursue that avenue of dialogue. I’ll be slowly churning these sessions out over the entire year — one a month. I’ll be updating this post with the videos of the sessions — not creating 12 separate entries. Then, at the beginning of 2023, I’ll do a wrap-up and summarize the experiment. Also, same as before, I will not be adding any voiceovers to these videos, just a few annotations. Also, I’m not going to post 40-minute videos of just static. Plus, I’ll annotate everything I hear, even if it’s obviously irrelevant to the questions. But if it’s just annoying white noise, it’ll be cut.

Remember, this ITC experiment, this blog, my videos — literally everything I strive for in the paranormal is not to convince you phenomena is real; I do not care to prove anything. My only goal is to simply get you to question the beliefs that you hold regarding the subject and its potential. So a lot of the questions here are a bit out of the normal for a standard ghost-centric ITC session. And as I said in my Kicked Ash Recap from last year, I’m going to pray and meditate before every session just to see if it makes an impact. But that’s the point. Let’s get weird!

Evel’s Parameters

I. I’ll conduct controlled spirit box sessions each month of 2022.

II. I’ll ask a series of set questions plus predictions of 3 blind tarot card draws and 3 rolls of a die. All questions may be repeated multiple times per video. The only reason I may stray from this format is if I hear a response in real time on which I can confidently follow up. Wanna be involved and contribute? Submit a question!!! Send it to my DM on IG: the_paraholics or Twitter: @_PARAHOLICS. As long as it can’t be answered with a simple yes or no, I’ll totally consider it. If I use your question during one of my sessions, I’ll send you something nifty from the PARAHOLICS gear page for contributing. Check it out here!

III. Set Questions:

The Weird:

Is anyone or anything available for communication?

I’m inquiring as to what you identify as — how would you describe yourself?

Please tell me where you are.

Where are you from?

How are you feeling right now?

What do you see? If you can see me, what color is my shirt?

Please complete this sequence: 1 2 3 4 5…

Please complete this sequence: L M N O P…

How are you communicating with me?

If we’ve communicated before, when and where? 

Are spirit guides or spirit technicians or spirit operators assisting during this session? If so, please give me your names. 

What is consciousness? Is consciousness the key to opening our dialogue?

Why do you answer me? 

Do you talk to me when I am not using this device? 

Do I hear you subliminally? 

Who is the Purple Princess?

What information can you give me concerning the human skeleton located in this cabin? Where did I get the skeleton?

The Weirder:

Where do humans come from? 

What’s the future of mankind? 

What is the truth?

Are you in another dimension?

Is our reality a simulation?

What is time? Is time measurable?

What would you do differently if you had the chance? 

Do you have free will? Who gave it to you?

What are the Akashic Records?

Who built Stonehenge? Why?

Who built the pyramids? Why?

Where was Atlantis?

Did the Younger Dryas impact happen? If so, what did it cause?

Is our recorded history the only time that there’s been a civilization on earth?

Do entities or beings live in our solar system?

Are aliens real? Do they visit us? Are they inter-dimensional? From other planets? Do they live under our oceans?

What is a Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Are they real? Are they flesh and blood, or are they a different type of entity like an elemental or alien? What does a Sasquatch want or need?

What is or who is Mothman? Is Mothman real? Is Mothman a flesh and blood being or an entity made of something else? What does Mothman want, or what is his purpose?

Who killed JFK?

The Weirdest:

Was there once a race of giants on earth? Who were they? The Nephilim? What happened to them?

Who are the daughters of men? 

Who are the sons of god?

Do you believe that Yahweh is your god?

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of god? 

Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

Who are The Watchers? Did they fall?

What or who is the Djinn?

Who or what is a demon? Are they the spirits of the Nephilim?

Who or what is an angel?

Who or what is Seven or The Seven? Does Seven assist with ITC communication?

What happens to us after we die? Is there an afterlife?

Is there a Heaven? If so, who goes there?

Is there a literal Hell? If so, who goes there?

Do we possess a soul?

Does it make a difference to our souls if our bodies are cremated or buried after we’ve died? What if we’re murdered?

What is a ghost? Are they real?

Is the picture taken on the Tulip Staircase in the Queen’s House real? Who is in it?

Can you give me the identity of the victim from the 1970 murder committed by Clarence Roberts?

Can you tell me the three cards I drew? 

Tarot card draws: 3 cards

Can you tell me what number this die will land on?

Die: 3 rolls

— Evel Ogilville












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