Slaughter Sessions SHADOWS IN THE STATIC Skinwalker Series | Vol. I

Matthew Jackson of the Paraholics and I have recently teamed up to work on a project unlike any other you’ve seen in the past. Having been colleagues for many years, we recently began to discuss a research project involving the Skinwalker phenomena that has recently gained popularity in the media as well as within the paranormal community.

As a Utah native, I have personally experienced a wide variety of bizarre phenomena in the Uintah Basin, where the infamous Skinwalker Ranch is located, long before it began gaining the widespread attention it does today. I first wrote about the ranch in a series of articles for TAPS Paramagazine, back when I was working for Jason, Grant and Steve of the then SciFi Channel’s Ghost Hunters. Having been warned not to return to the ranch over 15 years following my initial visit to the perimeter of the property, I was extended an invitation in 2020, and I have since returned several times as a welcome guest to the ranch.

I am not currently at liberty to publicly discuss or share the details of these visits. However, Matthew and I have begun a series of remote investigative experiments that have evolved into what we believe could be genuine communications between ourselves and entities willing to share knowledge of the ranch’s history and what may or may not be happening on or within close proximity to the property.

This project involves a marriage of the extrasensory abilities I utilize with the impressive array of spirit communication devices obtained and often co-developed by Matthew and his experienced network of developers. We both approach the research seriously but make no claims as to the accuracy or validity of the communications or present them as irrefutable evidence.

While constructive (and even critical) feedback is welcome, please keep in mind that evidence of the paranormal is subjective and open to personal interpretation. We encourage respectful discussion and reserve the right to remove any questions or comments we deem necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: These experimental sessions are conducted REMOTELY and not on Skinwalker Ranch property. The land is privately owned, and trespassers are heavily pursued. We do not, in any way, condone or encourage unlawful or unethical behavior of anyone interested in the property. In addition, due to the often-sensitive nature of these experiments, certain communications have been redacted in order to preserve the privacy of all involved.

Please do not make inquiries with regard to my time spent on the ranch itself. I cannot – and will not – be able to oblige with a response.

April Slaughter
ITC Researcher & Author Slaughter House Collective, LLC



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