Slaughter Sessions SHADOWS IN THE STATIC Skinwalker Series | Vol. II

Per usual, I have no clue what I’m doing. I mean, it’s an honor to collaborate with my colleague April Slaughter and the Shadows in the Static project. It was April, and her book Reaching Beyond the Veil: Unlocking the Mystery of Modern Spirit Communication, which I read back in 2013, that were huge motivators for me and my growing fascination with Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC). Since then, not only did April and I become friends, but we’ve helped each other over the years with various adventures. Plus, I’ve successfully built a network of other friends in the often-misunderstood niche of ITC researchers and device builders. I’ve invested in owning (at least at some point) and using ITC devices from every inventor that I feel has substantially contributed to the field. For years, I’ve been experimenting with these boxes, but not to understand how they work — my focus is on why they work and behave in the manner they do, the universal implications of this type of communication, and to map out protocols on how to use ITC respectively, responsibly and ethically. And I’m just tickled (can’t I be tickled?) to be harnessing my ITC prowess for the Slaughter Sessions Skinwalker series — but as I said, I have no clue what I’m doing — sort of.

To clarify, I’ve never been to Skinwalker Ranch, April has — with permission, of course. Not only that but she’s taken some of my devices there. Pretty cool, right? And when she asked me to collaborate on this experiment focused on that property —  my answer was hell yes. She sends me questions about the ranch that I, in turn, ask in my underground bunker deep in the hills of Indiana (yes, there’s more than corn here) using an ITC Box. I record and review the sessions and replies, then send them back to April. The beauty of this is I’m not privy to the answers to these questions beforehand, nor does she give me the answers after my review. She’s harvesting this data, which I’m betting will manifest into something magical someday.

I mean, sure, do I know about Skinwalker Ranch? Indeed, I couldn’t be a verifiable weirdo for all these years and not know about it. Do I watch the show? Yes, I’ve watched it. I have found it intriguing, but I’m not a  connoisseur of paranormal TV, and I’m not sure if Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch purely fits into that genre. But this isn’t a trivia experiment about a TV show, nor is this a test on the wiki page on the property’s history. It’s an attempt to flesh out details, using ITC methodology, about events and experiences on the ranch that, unless you were there, none of us would know anything about. It’s an experiment to draw out more information about these occurrences from whatever consciousness seems to be aware on that ranch. It’s to find validation for people who have had experiences and been contacted by this intelligence — people like April. She has some questions, and I’m asking them on her behalf. I’m going at this blindly; I have no clue what I’m doing — but in this case, I think it’s a great thing. 

Evel Ogilville

Video Notes:

Even though I don’t know what I’m listening for in the replies from my side of the box, I still make some observations that I believe are notable. 

• I typically can pick out a fair amount of responses in real-time, but this session, there was a hum I couldn’t get out of the ghost boxes’ audio that made listening to this session very annoying. So I was blown away by the replies that I heard upon review. And trust me, I later discovered the multiple requests for me to end the session. Maybe they were perturbed by the sound of the device as well?

• At the beginning of the session, when I asked about April’s mother, I referred to her by her name, Cheryl. Shortly after that, I noticed in my questions April had called her Cheri. So I restarted the session using the noted name Cheri to which a voice that came through said, make it correct. Indeed, I was correcting myself.

• If you’ve watched my Evel’s 2022 ITC Cabin Sessions: Weirdo Edition, you might recognize in this video a seemingly unprovoked jab I get from the great beyond over Bigfoot. It was a reoccurring theme in my Weirdo sessions, and it doesn’t seem they’re ready to let shit go. This time it appears they were poking at my Dress Up Bigfoot Book prominently displayed at my desk. Is that a bear or a Bigfoot? Hilarious.

• Something that has reoccurred in my work, April’s, and other ITC researchers is the concept of technicians helping to bridge communication through these devices — specifically when the voices call themselves Seven. I do not believe this is coincidence to the work of researcher Mark Macy and the ethereal dream team known as The Seven he and other researchers had formerly referenced. They claimed that The Seven made ITC communications possible from the late 1980s through the late 1990s. The Seven were identified by their names Ishkumar, Nsitden, Thfirrin, Mrekklin, and Lagelnev. 

• And so you don’t think I’m batshit crazy (why is it always batshit crazy?), I’m not placing much credibility in the images I share from the Browning Projector Box. But some of them are weird. Probably just fun pareidolia. Some resemble alien grays or have skull features, others seem to be angelic faces, and a few are a little canine. Just interesting to me. 

• I did spice up the visuals on this video just to be more transparent as to what’s happening versus Vol. 1. I thought adding the Epoch Box and EDI+ created additional pathways to document the experience.



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