My name is Matthew (a.k.a. Evel Ogilville). I am an investigator of the strange. As with many folks, my journey into the paranormal field started with the question, what happens after we die?

Answers to that question do come. Answers are everywhere — our family, our faith, our culture.

But what if, due to life’s experiences, those answers no longer bring you peace of mind?

What if you see possibilities in life and death that soar beyond the walls others have constructed for you?

What if your understanding of what you think you know is killing the best parts of your human existence?

For those who refuse to be idle and let whatever we’ve allowed to satiate mystery and define every possibility of this reality

— questions are our journey. 

The paranormal is merely a vehicle on that road.

Here is your map. 

Don’t be afraid to ask anyone anything — in this life or the next.

Forget what you think you learned — stop mimicking others — these questions are for you and your development alone — keep pushing every boundary.

All your efforts and evidence are ultimately only personal validation, but they may open the eyes, hearts, and minds of others

— and that is your compass. 

Let wonder light your wander.

Let your life be a ride that delivers hope.

Leave the questions for the living because the answers will come with your death.

The unexplainable captured my fascination, leading to where I am now — an enthusiast for hauntings and a passionate experimenter in Instrumental Trans Communication. Please enjoy my posts as I continue to share my excursions into the unknown.

The paranormal field is full of more questions than answers, but maybe it’s our ability to question that distinctly binds us together in this life as a reminder that our human experience is an extraordinary one

as long as we have the drive to seek it. 

Bio: Drawing on his unexplainable experiences — ethereal whispers into his ear, seeing an apparition stare him down, and having a glass of water chucked at his head by an unseen cookout guest — Matthew Jackson set out to explore the connections of haunted history to haunted folklore, and delve into theological and spiritual concepts in hopes of developing an understanding of what is labeled paranormal may just be a normal cycle in our existence.

He has had the privilege of visiting famous haunted locations (Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, etc.) as an investigator and observer but has been quoted as stating he’d investigate an abandoned outhouse in West Virginia if it had a good story tied to it. Matthew’s passion concerning the unexplained led him to create PARAHOLICS.COM — a groovy site to showcase his curious findings. He is positive that exploring the paranormal is a valuable asset to drag our past into light and preserve and maintain historic locations — but feels he’d have a better chance of bringing Venus closer to Uranus than ever to deliver conclusive evidence proving life after death.

Matthew lives in Nashville, Indiana, where he is known as a poet, hair guru, son, husband, father, brother, friend, dog owner, streaker, coffee drinker, vegetarian who sometimes craves steak, and paranormal weirdo. He’s part of the spoken word performance group known as the Reservoir Dogwoods and the loudmouth vocals for the poetry rock band The PaperBack Riot — their initial EP Kiss Kiss Apocalypse is available on your favorite flavor of musical download service. He is the author of two books of spoken word poetry, Minding My Chaos, and The Sportsman’s Guide to Field Dressing Man. Currently, he’s working on his third poetry book with a paranormal tinge with the working title Warning: Secondhand Ghost Kills (And May Cause Rebirth Defects) and has a ghostly project underway with U.K.’s Anthony England titled Dark Country.




    1. Mike, who was with me the night of the investigation, will call you. He’s who got me onto the property & is way more familiar with the history & area. Thank you, Norma


  1. My roommate and I are amateur investigators and would love a chance to conduct one here being as it is local. If you could contact me at 812 972 8038, my cell, it would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hey Logan, I’m not sure the county is really gonna open this location up for investigators. The building is in bad shape & I’m sure they’d view it as a huge liability. Mike is the only guy I know that has access to it. I’ll pass your info onto him though.


      1. Thanks so much, please also inform him that I am an ex marine and have training in safety and field medicine so we’re taking any and all precautions.


      2. Hey no problem. I’m not saying you’ll never get in either. But right now I’ve heard the county is a little caught off guard with the response to our video. Hopefully this will be the beginning of something positive for the property.


    1. Hey Mike! Right now the fate of the poor farm is in the hands of the county commissioners. There is a possible that they may open it up for future investigations. Stay tuned!


  2. Hi, my name is Beverly. I live close to Iroquois Park. I have a spirit that follows me, his name is Thomas. I have just published a book on my story based on true events. Now writing the 2nd book. When I began researching this paranormal, I felt it was just BS.I have spoke with several mediums without telling them anything. Little did I know it was not. I have been in the medical field for 36 years – 28 in trauma. I have pictures from my backyard. On the front of the book is what walked up to on Aug. 3,2013, when I was letting my dogs outside. Something happen with one of my patients a year ago. She told me that “Thomas would tell her”. I DID NOT speak to her about Thomas. I still shake my head that that this is truly occurring. I felt your group maybe interested. Have a great day.

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  3. Matthew,
    I just sent a detailed e-mail to you. I’m in need of your help regarding the Floyd County Poor House. I also need to get a hold of Mike Culwell. Please read my message and get back to me at your earliest convenience. I appreciate your help.
    Debie – Deeply Disturbed a recent reading!


  4. Hello Mathew, I recently read the article posted in the newspaper! Was surprised another group of investigators are so close. Over the passt ten years or so I have invited two groups to my house. Both have found evidence of activity. (In one group we actuallly had an injury associated with the activity. There are still many things happening within my house and I would love for another group to investigate.
    Also, I have one picture which is believed to be one of my ghosts.
    If you have any interest please send me an email and I will respond with a telephone number. I would love to discuss this.
    Thanking you in advance,

    Jean Bloom


  5. I just want to say that I love this site and your post on FB and everything you’ve got going on. If you’re ever in Southern California please give a shout out; and bring your equipment!


  6. Hi! I recently discovered your website after hearing you interviewed on an episode of Nite Drift. I wanted to know if you’ve ever investigated or looked into the area of Hindostan Falls (in Martin County, Indiana) for paranormal phenomena? My understanding is that the town suffered an outbreak of cholera in the 1820s and eventually was abandoned due to the epidemic.

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  7. Idk if anyone will see this or not, but a few years ago, I lived in Shelbyville, IN, my friends and I went out to a reportedly haunted house outside of town, at 7352 E Union Rd, Shelbyville, IN. Or as we had heard of it, the House on Union Road. It is a long house, surrounded on 3 sides by fields, all doors and windows boarded up, with a spotlight on the house, and no other houses too close. Upon arrival, we immediately felt uneasy, but we could also hear old music seemingly coming from the house. Idk if we just heard things, or not. Just thought Id share it with yall. Maybe yall could check it out.

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