paraᐧholic noun : An individual who obsessively seeks out anomalous and unexplained phenomena, resulting in them no longer being considered normal ⎯ but instead, paranormal. Often unfit for social settings, likely listens to broken radios and prone to bringing up Bigfoot at parties. See also: ghosts, cryptozoology, weirdo, high strangness, aliens

April Slaughter is the author of two books and numerous articles on ghosts, hauntings, psychical research and the unexplained. As an active paranormal researcher for nearly 20 years, she has delved into almost every facet of the unknown, from spirits and psychic phenomena to UFO’s, Cryptozoology and more. She is one of America’s leading researchers […]

I’m in a special place in my life regarding the paranormal. Not only have I read, studied, and conducted many investigations and experiments, but I have been diligent in my efforts to network with different investigators and paranormal groups in a concerted effort to observe and learn whatever I can from them. My paranormal compadres […]