Reverse Speech Steve’s Box in Hawpatch Liberty Cemetery — Columbus, Indiana

I recently acquired a Reverse Speech Steve’s Box from Hultay Paranormal and took it to one of my favorite haunts, the Hawpatch Liberty Cemetery. Amazing.

‘Nuff said,

~ Evel Ogilville


Sidecar: After I got the name Frank several times in this session, PARAHOLICS Researcher Eunice Specter dug up this interesting nugget on a Frank interred in the Hawpatch Liberty Cemetery.

Burial site of Frank Brooks (1871-1898), of St. Louis Crossing, murdered in Waldron. Brooks manager of traveling Wilson family show and while taking tickets outside tent, his throat cut “ear to ear” by James Wilson, apparently jealous over star attraction wife “casting him aside for Brooks.” Wilson, said to have frequently threatened life of his rival, fled scene and faced hanging if caught. Hope and Shelbyville undertakers later fought in street over possession of Brooks’ body, each wanting payment “for the job.” After Hope’s Undertaker Norville won, he placed body in buggy and raced to deliver to home of Brooks’ mother. Shelbyville County Coroner Booker followed and demanded but was refused entry to home by Bartholomew County Coroner Coffe, who said he would hold inquest himself. Another altercation ensued when “blows followed words … during which the furniture in the room was wrecked and the corpse upset on the floor.” An earlier newspaper item also noted the “Absentmindedness” of Frank Brooks for mailing his letters without direction. (Rushville Republic, 7/15/1898; South Bend Tribune, 7/20/1898; The Republic, 12/1/1886)

Numerous Gravesite Names Common to Responses:

Brooks’ sister — Carrie E. Brooks Stoughton; her husband’s grandmother Elizabeth McQueen Stoughton
Rachel J. Smith McQueen
Rachel Spurlin Burns – mother of Martha E. Burns Stoughton, grandmother of Rachel L. Reynolds
Margaret Cook Irwin (grave site at end) – sister of Catherine McQueen Cook Long


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