Me and Paranormal You with Ryan Singer: Experience 387

I always feel fortunate to get to have conversations with amazing people. Especially discussions with people on paranormal topics who are so open to the potentials and possibilities of the jigsaw puzzle of our perceived reality and how it could meld with universal consciousness and give way to unexplained experiences. Talking with Ryan kinda makes me think of the band Cake and a track off of their 1996 release Fashion Nugget, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. Perhaps spirits are real, or perhaps not? Perhaps the paranormal is facilitated by supernatural trickster energy? Perhaps our consciousnesses are all co-mingled? Perhaps we are all being duped by our egos, and there is no survival after death for silly humans? Perhaps Bigfoot is real and will eat your silly ass? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

After reviewing our conversation, there are a few things I wished I’d said or expounded upon. Firstly, I’d like to have clarified that when it comes to the paranormal, I feel like I wear at least two hats. One is that of a paranormal investigator/ghost hunter — yes, I think the terms are synonyms even though ghost hunter seems very triggering for some. Still, if it was good enough for the late and great Hans Holzer, we are barely worthy of that distinction. The other is ITC experimenter/researcher. Even during the majority of my time with Ryan, I was wearing my ghost hunter cap, I wish I’d spelled out the latter too because they are very different with different protocols and intentions. Maybe I’ll define that better on my next visit with Ryan? I know Ryan knows the difference, especially after his experiences at Poasttown Elementary — which the world will eventually see.

But regardless of our “hats,” the piece of equipment advice I boned out on giving was for ghost boxes. I failed to mention how they don’t typically connect immediately. I’m not sure why this is a thing. If your spirit box is fresh, straight off the shelf, I usually find it takes 3 to 4 sessions with it before it connects well. And maybe that’s just us learning to tune our ear to how it sounds — learning to differentiate between static, radio bleeds, or how things change when a connection has been established — getting to know its personality. That personality might be the direct result of the nature of the spirit operator — that your particular ghost box is intrinsically linked — and you will need to cultivate that working relationship. If that sounds confusing, please listen to this episode.

One more thing before I let you go: in my mumbly and stumbly way of trying to articulate (for years now) the particular order of protocol ghost hunters should follow to ensure the presentation of your paranormal investigation is as credible and valid as possible — which is especially critical if a homeowner is involved — Ryan masterfully worded most poetically. His metaphor of laying a foundation to construct a solid framework to properly roof the house of evidence in the best, most respectful and authentic way possible. I feel if a certain method isn’t followed, you might have some major subjective leaks to your findings. So I’m running with this. Thanks, Ryan.

Please look for my upcoming blog post: How to Build a Haunted House coming soon!

— Evel Ogilville

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