Ghost Education 101

It’s been a busy spring so far. Not only am I gearing up for my workshop at the Haunted America Conference, but I’m also deep into the SHADOWS IN THE STATIC project with April Slaughter that will have us both heading towards a boots-on-the-ground investigation at Skinwalker Ranch. Mixed amid that excitement, I’m also popping up on paranormal podcasts. Ghost Education 101 was a treat for me. Not only did I finally get to meet Dr. Heather Leigh Landon, but her podcast partner is my good friend, Philip Wyatt. Philip is a fantastic investigator and ITC researcher. He extends kindness and thoughtfulness to both physical and ethereal persons. He’s an excellent and passionate example for the paranormal community to follow, even though he hates my DR60 (it’s okay, Philip, I hate it most of the time too.)

Ghost Education 101 aims to take you on a journey into the paranormal world. You will learn about the latest methodologies to incorporate into investigations, dive deep into the history of the strange and unexplained, and so much more. Please give them a follow!


Evel Ogilville


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